Windows Audit File Access

Centralized audit logs ensure accurate and comprehensive information from across the organization, not just a single server. Quick answers can be given to who did what, when and from where.

With a simple click on a specific user or particular file/folder, all access events (and access attempts) performed
in the previous 4 weeks are displayed, alongside statistics on usage, deletions and accesses denied.

Full Access History

Customize scheduled reports according to multiple criteria.
For example choose one or many access types, select an IP source address
or single out a particular Active Directory group of users.

FileAudit access report

Get full reporting on who accessed (or attempted to access) a file,
what they did, when they did it and from where.

Customization options include:

Object Type

File and/or folder

Date/Time Range

From/to the first/last event available or a specific date

Access Type

Select one or many
access events


Filter by a specific user or Active Directory Group


IP address, machine name or executable file name


Filter by a specific
domain name


Granted and/or denied access event

File Auditing
for Cloud Based Storage

FileAudit can extend auditing to report on major cloud-based file storage providers.
Get visibility into the access to and usage of files stored on Microsoft OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Google Drive, Dropbox Business and Box.

OneDrive SharePoint Online Google Drive Dropbox Business Box

See the full list of access types audited for cloud storage providers :

Cloud Access Types

One consolidated dashboard
for files and folders
on-premises and in the cloud

Access Reports by file

The ability to tie on-premises and cloud-based actions together means an organization gets a complete picture of what actions are transpiring – across their whole environment.

Long Term Archiving
of all File Access Events

Years of data can be archived with no effect on performance,
providing a secure audit trail that is always available.

Centralized File Auditing, Recording An secure audit trail on several Windows systems An secure audit trail on cloud storage providers

FileAudit consolidates access events from multiple Windows File Servers and Cloud Storage Providers and automatically records them into a fully-documented, searchable SQL Server, SQLite or Microsoft Access database for future reference.

FileAudit also simplifies audit maintenance, allowing you to schedule regular audit maintenance on audited servers and paths. These maintenance tasks check that your audit configurations haven’t been modified or overwritten by a GPO, and reconfigure them if necessary.

Predefined Reports
further help to make it easy!

Predefined Reports

Predefined reports are ready-made reports that help you get the information that you seek faster. It enables organizations to quickly and easily identify security risks, such as inappropriate access, and address it with that individual.

Comprehensive File Access
Auditing for Compliance

At the core of any compliance mandate is the desire to keep protected data secure, only allowing access to those who need it for business reasons. To both know and demonstrate that this is the case FileAudit provides the centralization, recording and long term archiving of all file access events for such regulatory compliance.

GDPR logo HIPAA logo PCI DSS logo Sarbanes Oxley’s (SOX) logo ISO 27001 logo NIST 800-53 logo

Go further with FileAudit

FileAudit not only gives IT professionals optimal visibility into what is happening to the organization’s data, but the opportunity to react quickly in identifying potential abuse.


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