Secure Windows Network, Cloud and Remote Access

UserLock provides on premise Active Directory (AD) Identities with secure access to both the corporate network and multiple cloud applications, from wherever they are working.

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One Single & Secure AD Identity to access all resources

Two Factor Authentication

Enable customized, two-factor authentication (2FA) on Windows logon, Remote Desktop (RDP & RD Gateway), IIS, VPN and Cloud Applications.

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Two Factor Authentication

Single Sign-On

Secure and frictionless access to Microsoft 365 and Cloud Applications, using on premise Active Directory credentials, from anywhere.

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Contextual Access Management

Set policies to authorize, deny or limit any login (including wireless and remote access), based on contextual factors:

  • Origin: Computer (Windows & Mac), device & location restrictions (country, IP address, department, OU)
  • Time: Logon hour restrictions, maximum session length & session time quota
  • Session type: Workstation, terminal, Wi-Fi, VPN and IIS sessions
  • Simultaneous connections: Limit concurrent logins and initial access points

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Control and Protect - Number of initial access points allowed
Control and Protect - Block a user

Monitor, Alert & Respond
to Login Behavior

Get real time visibility and insights into all user access. Interact and respond to any session, direct from the console.

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User Login Reporting

A centralized audit for reports on all Active Directory user login events and attempts. Prove regulatory compliance, support forensics and track down threats.

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Audit & Report - Deny reason

« UserLock offers a level of protection that small, medium and large business should be implementing as part of their security roadmap »

Ricky Magalhaes
Information Security Analyst

Protect Passwords and Credentials

Protect Passwords and Credentials

Active Directory accounts are effortlessly compromised. It only takes a careless employee to share a password or leave a workstation unattended. Even the most careful employee can be exploited and the victim of stolen credentials. Stop uncontrolled and unauthorized access with UserLock, before damage is done.

Manage Windows User Sessions

Manage Windows User Sessions

With full visibility and insight into all Windows sessions, UserLock can interact remotely with any session (open or locked), direct from the console. Administrators can now logoff, lock or reset appropriate settings to manage shared machines, react to forgotten sessions left open, report on working hours, block suspicious behavior...

Get Compliant

Get Compliant on Securing Access

Many standards are keenly aware of the importance in securing all logons. Requirements exist to ensure the access and usage of data is identifiable, audited and attributed to an individual user. UserLock can both monitor this requirement, as well as stop inappropriate access (read: compliance breach) from ever happening.


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Disruption-Free Security That doesn’t Frustrate IT Professionals

Simple to manage and intuitive to use, UserLock works alongside your existing Active Directory infrastructure (and investment) to extend, not replace its security. No modifications are made to AD accounts, its structure or its schema.

Easy Set-Up

Fast to deploy, UserLock is installed in minutes on a standard Windows Server.

Effective Security

Accurate and insightful security. UserLock maximizes your chances of stopping a threat before it starts.

Effortlessly Scale

AD Group level controls and an automated deployment engine makes implementation easy for larger user bases.

Easily Adopted

Transparent to the end-user, UserLock protects logons without impeding employee productivity.

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New Intuitive
Web Console


New UserLock Web Console


« UserLock's solution makes implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) extremely easy. »

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IT Connect

« The MFA for RDP significantly enhances security, especially today with a boom in remote working. »

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IT Security Guru

« The perfect access security partner for Windows Active Directory environments. »

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Help Net Security

« UserLock is a powerful product that focuses on preventing the internal and external threats related to compromised credentials. »

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Trusted by over 3400 Organizations

A proven solution for both small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large organizations,
including some of the most regulated and security-conscious in the world.

From installment to enrollment, getting UserLock up and running took just 4 hours.

Ryan Olson
Technology Specialist at Shift Technologies

UserLock is the best 2FA solution I’ve seen. It’s affordable, easy to install and maintain – an IT Manager’s dream.

Bill Hopkins
Network Administrator at City of Keizer, Oregon

We found UserLock very easy to implement and will recommend it to other branches within the bank.

IT Officer
Branch of a Multinational Banking Group, Hong Kong

UserLock allows our organization to fulfill compliance requirements around access control.

Leading US Healthcare Provider

UserLock is the ideal solution that helps us meet our network access objectives effectively.

Don Manning
Server Administrator at Albany City School District, New York, United States

UserLock MFA is a high quality, full-featured product that performs as advertised.

Michael Commons
System Administrator at Dobbs Peterbilt


What's new in UserLock 11

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Use existing on premise AD identities for secure and seamless user access to Microsoft 365 and cloud applications.

  • Supports SAML protocol to enable federated authentication
  • Further control cloud access with geolocation and workstation restrictions
  • Alert and report on all cloud login events

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Two-Factor Authentication: New enhancements

Two-Factor Authentication: New enhancements

Secure all connections – Windows logon, RDP & RD Gateway, VPN, IIS and Cloud applications.

  • Combine with SSO for secure cloud access
  • Enforce 2FA for offline access (no LAN connection) with HOTP & TOTP
  • Works with Token2 ALU and YubiKey FIPS
  • Choose alternative methods for 2FA
  • Enroll remote users for 2FA

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Manage Access from Macs

UserLock Anywhere

A new web application to better protect remote user connections.

  • Ensures MFA is applied even when VPN connections fail.
  • Enforces restrictions to refuse unauthorized logins
  • Enables remote user enrollment for 2FA
  • Enforce logon hours on remote user machines, even when not connected to the corporate network.

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Release Date : 5/27/2021
Version : UserLock 11.0.1
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Please read the Beta Testing Procedure before installing this version.

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Release Date : 12/2/2021
Version : UserLock 11.1 beta
What's new in this version ?

Supported systems