User Logon Security for Windows Active Directory

Powerful protection for all Windows Active Directory domain logins, even when credentials are compromised. UserLock helps administrators to manage and secure access for every user, without obstructing employees or frustrating IT.

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Security starts with the Logon

It only takes a careless employee to share a password or leave a workstation unattended. Even the most careful employee can be exploited and the victim of stolen credentials. UserLock allows IT teams to extend logon security far beyond group policies and native Windows Active Directory.

The Complete Security Solution For Active Directory Domain Logons

Control & Protect

Set restrictions using the contextual information around a user's logon, to help verify all user's claimed identity, and authorize, deny or limit network access. Restrict by:

  • Origin: Computer (Windows & Mac), device & location restrictions (IP address, department, organizational unit)
  • Time: Logon hour restrictions, maximum session length & session time quota
  • Session type: Workstation, terminal, Wi-Fi, VPN and IIS sessions
  • Simultaneous connections: Limit concurrent logins and initial access points
Control and Protect - Number of initial access points allowed

Detect & Respond

Real-time monitoring and risk detection tools immediately alert on suspicious logon activity so you can take action quickly.

Control and Protect - Block a user

Audit & Report

A centralized audit on all network logon events provides detailed reports to track down security threats, support forensics and prove regulatory compliance.

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Audit & Report - Deny reason

« UserLock offers a level of protection that small, medium and large business should be implementing as part of their security roadmap »

Ricky Magalhaes
Information Security Analyst

Reduce the Risk Of External Attacks, Internal Security Breaches and Compliance Issues

From careless to criminal – defense against compromised credentials

UserLock's contextual access security renders genuine employee logins useless to would-be attackers. It also helps eradicate careless user behavior such as password sharing, shared workstations left unlocked or logging into multiple computers simultaneously, as there is a consequence to a user's own network access.

From careless to criminal – defense against compromised credentials
Stop uncontrolled user access - make users accountable for any activity

Stop uncontrolled user access - make users accountable for any activity

Logins are the first line of defense for any Windows network and must be managed to ensure access is identifiable and attributed to an individual user. UserLock allows an organization to determine the legitimate access needs of each individual user, group or organizational unit, and efficiently enforce that decision (permanently or temporarily).

Frictionless security protects logons without impeding end users

Transparent to the end user, UserLock's contextual security ensures employees remain productive and are not continually interrupted with additional security steps.

Frictionless security protects logons without impeding end users

Immediately respond to logon events

Significantly reduce the time spent (up to 90%) monitoring and responding to logon events. React instantly from the UserLock console itself.

Centralized logon logoff forensics

Go far beyond native auditing with comprehensive reports on every session access event. This granular information is also easily exported and integrated into other log management systems.

Compliance starts with the Logon

UserLock addresses areas of user access security that relate not only to compliance (PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53…), but general good security practice.

Discourage malicious and careless user behavior

As well as out rightly restricting certain behavior, logon notifications encourage users to avoid careless mistakes and helps malicious insiders think twice before acting.


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Non Disruptive Technology that doesn't frustrate IT teams

UserLock is a client server application that works alongside Active Directory to extend, not replace, its security. No modifications are made to Active Directory or its schema.

IT Security Guru

« The perfect access security partner for Windows Active Directory environments. »

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« The product is simple to install, easy to configure and offers a level of protection that all businesses should be implementing. »

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Help Net Security

« UserLock is a powerful product that focuses on preventing the internal and external threats related to compromised credentials. »

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« UserLock prevents unauthorized access to enterprise systems and networks from external and internal users. »

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What's new in UserLock

Working Hours Reports

Report on Users
Working Hours

Detailed analysis of your users' working hours to better manage and control users' connection times.

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Integrate Logon Data into other Apps

Integrate Logon Data
into other Apps

Push UserLock updates directly to other applications right when they happen, opening up new automation possibilities.

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Manage Access from Macs

Manage and secure
access from Macs

UserLock can now control access from both Windows and Mac workstations to protect across the whole organization.

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UserLock vs. Mr Robot

Remember those hacking scenes from Hollywood blockbusters and classic TV series? Well if only they had UserLock things would have turned out very differently...

Angela's run head first into UserLock at E Corp after stealing a colleagues credentials from an unattended machine via a rubber ducky USB.

Sorry Angela, access denied

Watch how E Corp could have foiled this internal attack in Mr Robot

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Protect all logon and logon attempts to a Windows Active Directory domain from both external attacks and the insider threat.

Reduce the risk of a security breach with:

  • Context-aware access controls
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Comprehensive auditing

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Release Date : 5/2/2019
Version : UserLock 9.8.2
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