FileAudit Pricing

Choose the plan that best suits your organization
according to the number of users and number of servers.


Per month - Billed annually

This pack includes up to:

100 users

1 server

All plans come with:

  • Free technical support
  • Unlimited audit
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Unlimited scheduled reports


Per month - Billed annually

This pack includes up to:

500 users

3 servers

All plans come with:

  • Free technical support
  • Unlimited audit
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Unlimited scheduled reports


Per month - Billed annually

This pack includes up to:

1000 users

5 servers

All plans come with:

  • Free technical support
  • Unlimited audit
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Unlimited scheduled reports


Contact us,
we will find the best
solution for you.

This option is for organizations

with many users

or many servers

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All plans come with:

  • Free technical support
  • Unlimited audit
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Unlimited scheduled reports

Prices are indicated net of TAX. FileAudit's licensing scheme reflects the number of users to audit and the number of systems to audit (server where files to audit are located).
FileAudit will not audit systems exceeding the license count. Pricing includes minor and major releases and technical support.


Cloud option

Extend Security to the Cloud

Add FileAudit’s capabilities to the data stored on major cloud-based storage platforms.
Get a single, consolidated view across both cloud and on-premises environments.

Audit access to all your files on:

  • OneDrive
  • Box
  • DropBox
  • GoogleDrive


per month

FileAudit Subscription

The cloud is not included in the price

1 year subscription

per month

save 0%

936$ billed every 12 months

2 year(s) subscription

per month

save 10%

$1872  $1680 billed every 24 months

Best offer

3 year(s) subscription

per month

save 20%

2808$  2304$ billed every 36 months

Your subscription will automatically renew at its expiration date to ensure there is no interruption of your file auditing.
If you don’t want to keep your subscription active after your next billing date, you can cancel auto-renew at any time.


FileAudit Subscription

Plan: Small 59$ per month - 1 server(s) and 100 users

Cloud option: Added + 19$ per month

Subscription: 2 year(s) Discount of 8$ per month


Per month


Per year

Total billed every 1 year(s)



The user count is based on the total number of users accessing audited files.

Each FileAudit pack allows you to audit a certain number servers and users. Servers are counted as systems hosting files and folders you intend to audit. Users are counted as the total amount of users accessing these files.

If you exceed the number of servers or users allowed by your subscription, the software will stop auditing events. you will need to upgrade to the next pack. See How do I add licenses to my subscription?

If you need to add more users or more servers to your subscription, please contact your Account Manager or send an email to You will be charged the difference of your new subscription pack from your current one, with no change in your expiration date.

When purchasing a Small, Medium or Enterprise pack, you have the option to request multiple keys at checkout.

This option is for when you need to install multiple instances of FileAudit. For example, when you need to audit servers on different networks.

To split the keys, you need to take into account the number of servers and users available in your pack. For example, a small pack has 3 servers and up to 500 users. One option would be to have 1 key with 2 servers and 200 users, and 1 key with 1 server and 300 users. However you choose to split them, the total number of servers and users cannot exceed the amount offered in the pack.

We have an MSP program with usage and pricing options that meet the MSP business model. Learn about the MSP Console and get in touch.

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If you received a coupon code from one of our sales reps, you need to enter it at the time of checkout.

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FileAudit’s capabilities can be added to OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Dropbox Business or Box (or a combination of these cloud storage providers).

  • Real-time and historical audit trail of who accessed critical files, what they did and when they did it.
  • Alerts on actions deemed abnormal to help quickly identify inappropriate file activity and potential abuse.
  • Comprehensive and centralized reporting to give precise answers to questions about malicious access, alteration or the destruction of sensitive files.
  • Robust filtering capabilities help quickly answer the questions.

If you are organization has a mixture of on-premises and cloud storage, FileAudit gives you a single, consolidated view of all file activity – from both in the cloud and on-premises

  • The Cloud Option is an add-on option to FileAudit.
  • There are no audited paths to configure. All files and folders are audited within the cloud storage provider.

To add the cloud option to your current subscription, contact your account manager, or send an email to

To cancel your subscription, login to the website using the credentials used to purchase the subscription. Click on 'My Subscriptions', and then 'Cancel my subscription". Your request will be treated within 48 hours. You will receive an email notification of your cancellation, and the subscription will not be automatically renewed at its expiration date.