Ransomware Protection
for Windows Server
and Cloud Storage

File level auditing plays an important role in protecting a network from ransomware attacks. FileAudit minimizes the risk by not only analyzing improper file access, but also reacting and stopping it, as soon as it starts.

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File Servers are at the heart
of Ransomware attacks

Ransomware is a malware in which files and folders are locked by criminals and only released if a ransom is paid. Almost all infections are opportunistic and are often caused by unsuspecting employees.

Be warned, attacks are becoming more sophisticated:


Ransomware as a service (RAAS)

This allows someone with only a small amount of computing knowledge to pay a price and use a tool to penetrate, copy, encrypt and negotiate with you, about your files.


Data leak extortion

With the possibility of serious fines for the non-disclosure of attacks, hackers can then threaten to reveal your information, regardless of whether a ransom has been paid or not.


Stolen Data Auctions

If one of these other attempts fails to work, attackers auction off the data they have stolen from your company files to any number of interested parties.

It is clear that the ability to check, analyze and respond to potential file encryption plays an important role in reducing these threats.


One tool, one consolidated dashboard

FileAudit helps protect data across both Windows and Cloud storage.