Proactively track, audit, report and alert on all access to files and folders on Windows servers.

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Main features

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor, in real time, access (or access attempts) to sensitive files and folders stored on Windows systems (read/write/delete accesses, file ownership changes, permission modifications, attribute changes, etc.).

Automatic Email Alerts

Set up E-mail alerts for predetermined access events (access denied - file deletion - a specific user, machine or IP address - time of access - and mass access events such as the copy, deletion or movement of bulk files).

File Server Intelligence

Schedule recurrent email delivery of reports customized according to multiple criteria (path, file type, access type, IP source address, machine name, etc.) for auditing and regulatory compliance.

Delegation to Non-IT

Create specific accounts for people with no administrative rights (external auditors, non-IT executives, etc.), allowing them to perform audits securely and autonomously.

FileAudit benefits

Secure sensitive enterprise data from improper access, potential theft, alteration or destruction

Significantly reduce the workload related to monitoring access to sensitive files and folders

Help regulated organizations meet compliance requirements

Perform accurate IT forensics

Simple to install & easy to use

Discover all the benefits

Configuring and managing file and folder auditing in Windows Server is painful and inflexible. FileAudit represents a management layer that simplifies multi-server object auditing and reporting.

FileAudit 5.2 is tested by Timothy Warner, Microsoft MVP, for 4sysops, an online community for IT professionals

Timothy Warner

Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP

I was amazed at how quick and simple it was to get FileAudit 5 up and running. The user interface is modern and intuitive, and the ease with which you can configure auditing and alerts was amazing. Award FileAudit is reviewed as "highly recommended" and given the Gold Award.

Richard Hicks

Network and Information Security Expert specializing in Microsoft technologies

With FileAudit, organizations have an easy yet robust tool for auditing files and folders that reside on Windows systems, run audit reports without the help of IT, and even send alerts about audited events.

FileAudit is reviewed as "excellent" by PC Mag

Samara Lynn

Lead Analyst - PC Mag

What's new in FileAudit

Mass access event alerts

FileAudit 5 can now send administrator alerts when mass access, copying, deletion or movement of bulk files has been detected, indicating a potential breach.

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Track IP address & Machine Name

Track the IP address and machine name from which the user has accessed the file from. This helps attribute access to an individual employee and identifies potential suspicious activities.

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Irregular access time alerts

Minimize the risk from access outside of regular working times by triggering administrator alerts when files are accessed during non-business hours.

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Case study

A US Biotechnology Company monitors employee access of corporate files

The install and initial configuration of FileAudit was a breeze and only took a few minutes. It walks you through all the tasks required to ensure successful real-time auditing.

FileAudit Beta
File Auditing for Cloud-Based Applications

Alongside Windows File Servers, FileAudit can now extend file auditing to data stored on major cloud platforms including OneDrive, Google Drive, Box and Dropbox for Business. Key insights and full visibility into the access to and usage of data wherever its stored.

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Supported systems

Release Date : 2/8/2018
Version : FileAudit 5.5
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Please read the Beta Testing Procedure before installing this version.

The beta version includes:

  • 30-day full version
  • limited to 3 systems
  • free technical support

Release Date : 4/2/2019
Version : FileAudit 6.0 beta
What's new in this version ?

Supported systems