File auditing for Windows
file server & cloud storage

Get faster, smarter file auditing, monitoring, alerts and reports on file access events across Windows file servers and cloud storage.

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FileAudit - Windows File Auditing Software
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Audit file access for Windows file
servers and cloud storage

Native Windows file auditing in Windows event viewer is a real pain. It takes way too much time to get half the information you need. There had to be a faster, less frustrating way to monitor file access events.

That’s why we build FileAudit. It’s straightforward, simple, and effective. Now, you can see all file access events — across one or more Windows file servers or in cloud storage — in one searchable dashboard.

Monitor folder and file access events

Monitor file and folder access in real time across Windows file servers and in the cloud. Find the answers you need quickly with searchable reports, and tie actions to specific users thanks to IP address tracking and machine name.

Alert and respond to file access activity

Set up file access event alerts and automated responses to detect and respond to suspicious access events such as access denied or file deletion and mass file access events such as copy, delete, or bulk file movement.

Audit folder and file access events

Simplify folder and file access auditing with a centralized file audit trail that’s searchable, secure, and always available. Finish IT forensics faster on file access events and file usage thanks to searchable Windows file audit logs, and identify which user did what.

Track and report on NTFS permissions

Report on and track NTFS permissions, permission changes, and file and folder properties. See basic and advanced NTFS file and folder permissions, and properties such as size, creation date, and last modified date in one drill-down report.

Monitor cloud storage

Extend file access auditing to data stored in the cloud with cloud storage monitoring for files in OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and more. See all file and folder access events in a single dashboard, across both Windows file servers and cloud storage, making it easier to quickly spot risks.

Prevent data breaches and get compliant

With FileAudit, you can see and react to what users are doing with your files and folders in real time — making it easier to protect data, prevent ransomware, and support compliance — all in one centralized file audit log.

Protect data in Windows file servers and the cloud

Secure sensitive data from improper access, potential theft, alteration, or deletion thanks to file monitoring, alerts, and automatic responses to suspicious file access events. Pinpoint who accessed (or attempted to access) data, changed file ownership, or modified permissions thanks to accurate IT forensics.

Prevent ransomware with real-time file access monitoring

Minimize ransomware risk by analyzing improper file access. Get alerts on massive file encryption or file extensions generated from ransomware, and set up automatic responses with customized scripts to stop the attack.

Get compliant with a centralized audit trail

Demonstrate data security compliance and avoid penalties with granular file access management including NTFS permissions tracking, real-time alerts and responses to suspicious access, and a searchable file audit log that shows who accessed what across Windows file servers and cloud-based file services.

Intuitive to use

FileAudit is simple to manage and reduces the workload of file monitoring and auditing with a searchable audit trail of cloud and Windows file server access events.

Quick set up

FileAudit installs in less than 3 minutes thanks to a remote, agentless deployment that scales easily across any number of users.

Easily adopted

FileAudit allows IT to delegate file monitoring to non-IT personnel so they can track files across their business line, without breaching security protocols.


Building on your investment in Windows, FileAudit offers file access security across data in Windows file servers and cloud storage.


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What clients say about FileAudit

Technical reviews from industry experts


Read an independent FileAudit review from 4sysops, an online IT pro community.

"Configuring and managing file and folder auditing in Windows Server is painful and inflexible. FileAudit represents a management layer that simplifies multi-server object auditing and reporting."

Timothy Warner
Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP Award

“Highly recommended"
Gold Award recipient

"I was amazed at how quick and simple it was to get FileAudit 5 up and running. The user interface is modern and intuitive, and the ease with which you can configure auditing and alerts was amazing."

Richard Hicks
Network and Information Security Expert

PC Mag

"Excellent" says PC Mag.

"With FileAudit, organizations have an easy yet robust tool for auditing files and folders that reside on Windows systems, run audit reports without the help of IT, and even send alerts about audited events."

Samara Lynn
Lead Analyst - PC Mag


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What's new in FileAudit

Audit Improvements

Enhanced file auditing

  • Track and audit whenever a file or folder moves or is renamed
  • Set up alerts so you know right away if a file or folder moves or is renamed
  • Get a complete, centralized view of file and folder properties, and filter the results to focus on the data you need

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File auditing for cloud based storage

File auditing for cloud-based storage

  • Get a consistent, centralized view of the security of your data across Windows Servers and the Cloud
  • See a real-time audit trail to track who accessed files, what they did, and when they did it
  • Set up alerts on abnormal activity to quickly identify risks

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Audit NTFS permissions

Improved NTFS permissions & properties auditing

  • Audit simple and advanced NTFS permissions
  • Track NTFS permissions and permission changes
  • Save snapshots to see who has permission to what at a given time
  • Schedule reports, access predefined reports, and select favorite reports to display on the dashboard

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Automated response to access alerts

Automated response to file access alerts

  • Trigger a specific action when something is detected by one of your FileAudit alert rules
  • Create and run a script whenever the alert is triggered
  • Use the new access type “move” to get alerts whenever a file or folder is moved

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Automated response to access alerts

Database manager

  • Migrate and copy your data to a new production database
  • Transfer data from one database provider to another
  • Archive data after a transfer is completed
  • Ability to select SQLite as the default database

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MSP Console

The Licensing Management
Platform for FileAudit

The licensing management console for managed service providers (MSPs) is a web-based platform that lets you administer FileAudit licenses for all your customers.

The Licensing Management Platform for FileAudit

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