File Auditing for Windows
Server & Cloud Storage

Proactively track, audit, report, alert on and respond to, all access to files and folders on Windows Servers and in the cloud.

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FileAudit - Windows File Auditing Software
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Main Features

File and Folder

Monitor, in real time, access to sensitive files stored on both Windows Servers and in the cloud. Powerful filtering helps you find the answers you need quickly; tracking IP address and machine name pinpoints the exact access.
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Alerts and
Automated Response

Set up email alerts and a triggered response for access events (access denied - file deletion - a specific user, machine or IP address - time of access) and mass access events such as the copy, deletion or movement of bulk files.
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File and Folder
Access Auditing

Review a searchable, secure and always-available audit trail. Analyze the access to and usage of files stored both on-premises and in the cloud. Schedule centralized reports according to multiple criteria.
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NTFS Permissions

Report on and track NTFS permissions, permission changes and properties for all files and folders. Get a complete and centralized view of both basic and advanced permissions, and properties such as size, creation date and last modified date.
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Cloud Data

Extend access auditing to data stored in the cloud (OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Google Drive, Dropbox & Box). One single, consolidated solution for monitoring files and folders stored both on-premises and in the cloud.
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FileAudit makes it easy!

FileAudit makes your auditing faster, smarter and more efficient. Go far beyond native Windows event log file access to get comprehensive and accurate information on files stored on-premises and in the cloud.

Easy setup

Install in less than 3 minutes.

Agentless, remote and non-intrusive

One single, consolidated solution makes it easy to see what’s happening across the organization – both on-premises and in the cloud.

Powerful filtering capabilities

Exclude irrelevant data and focus only on insightful and actionable information.

Performance and scalability

Optimize the audit to keep only relevant access events for monitoring.

Intuitive & Easy to use

Modern, intuitive and touch-ready user interface.

Automated audit configuration

Automatically configure the auditing of selected files and folders.


For compliance & support with Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10.

Delegate auditing to non-IT colleagues

Non-IT personnel can even use FileAudit autonomously to track files across their business line, without breaching security protocols.

Prevent data breaches
and get compliant

sensitive data

from improper access, potential theft, alteration, or deletion

reduce the workload

related to monitoring access
to files and folders

Respond instantly
and automatically

to abnormal file activity
(including ransomware)

Help regulated

meet compliance requirements
and avoid penalties

Perform accurate
and comprehensive

IT forensics on all files
and folders

Simple to install
& easy to use,

helps effective
file auditing


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MSP Console

The Licensing Management
Platform for FileAudit

The new console for managed service providers (MSPs) is a web-based platform that lets you administer FileAudit licenses for all your customers.

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The Licensing Management Platform for FileAudit

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What's New in FileAudit

Audit Improvements

Enhanced File Auditing

  • Track and audit whenever a file or folder moves or is renamed
  • Set up alerts so you know right away if a file or folder moves or is renamed
  • Get a full alert history report so you can easily identify issues
  • Get a complete, centralized view of file and folder properties, and filter the results to focus on the data you need

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File auditing for cloud based storage

File Auditing for Cloud-Based Storage

  • Get a consistent, centralized view of the security of your data across Windows Servers and the Cloud
  • See a real-time audit trail to track who accessed files, what they did, and when they did it
  • Set up alerts on abnormal activity to quickly identify risks

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Audit NTFS permissions

Improved NTFS Permissions & Properties Capabilities

  • Audit simple and advanced NTFS permissions
  • Track NTFS permissions and permission changes
  • Save snapshots to see who has permission to what at a given time
  • Schedule reports, access predefined reports, and select favorite reports to display on the dashboard

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Automated response to access alerts

Automated Response to Access Alerts

  • Trigger a specific action when something is detected by one of your FileAudit alert rules
  • Create and run a script whenever the alert is triggered
  • Use the new access type “move” to get alerts whenever a file or folder is moved

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Automated response to access alerts


  • The Database Manager tile is now called Maintenance
  • Schedule regular audit configuration maintenance on audited servers and paths
  • Migrate and copy your data to a new production database
  • Transfer data from one database provider to another
  • Archive data after a transfer is completed
  • Ability to select SQLite as the default database

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G2 Review by - IT Director

Quotes One of the best, less intrusive File Audit programs at a very reasonable cost.

Capterra Review by - Oil & Energy

Like no other

Easy to understand and use. We got FileAudit due to a breach of trust from a key employee. We didn't expect it to happen and when it did we were dumbfounded. This adds a layer of accountability to all staff members.

Capterra Review by

Great Software

It gives you a good in depth look at who and what is accessing files on your file servers. We use File Audit to monitor mass data removal from our file server and to run reports when files get accidentally moved or deleted.

Gartner Peer Insights Review by

Great choice for File Auditing

Our company reviewed a number of different auditing packages and in the end, FileAudit stood out to be the best of breed for both functionality and price. It took literally only minutes to get setup and running.

Case study

A US Biotechnology Company monitors
employee access of corporate files

« The install and initial configuration of FileAudit was a breeze and only took a few minutes. It walks you through all the tasks required to ensure successful real-time auditing. »

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