Easy self-provisioning of FileAudit licenses for your customers

Complete control to create and manage license keys - without restrictions or wait times.

Automated pay-as-you-go monthly billing

Flexible monthly pricing helps alleviate cashflow issues to match the managed service business model.

Aggregate pricing, based on the total number of users across all your customers

An aggregate volume of all usage across all your customers gives you generous pricing terms.

No fixed time commitment

Get new customers up and running fast.
Simply cancel the license when you need to.

Eliminate the need to increase license keys or track renewal and expiration dates

No hassles, complexity or costs associated with managing license limits and renewals.

Open 24x7x365!

No being tied to business hours.

Designed for
our MSP Partners

With usage and pricing options that meet the MSP business model, FileAudit continues to make security as effortless as possible.

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FileAudit - File Access Auditing & NTFS Permissions

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File Auditing for Windows
Server & Cloud Storage

Protect the usage of files stored on-premises and in the cloud. FileAudit responds to the improper access, potential theft, alteration or deletion of sensitive data.

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Clients - FileAudit


Within the MSP console, you can generate license keys for each FileAudit installation you need. These keys will allow you to use FileAudit without restrictions on the number of users.

You then pay monthly for only what is used – i.e. the total number of users that have been audited.

A license can be activated on only one server, and can audit one or several servers. You will need a license key for each FileAudit service installation.

Each FileAudit installation will regularly send us (IS Decisions’ cloud license server) its maximum number of audited users. Note: the servers need an Internet connection to reach our cloud license server.

First, you need to go to the Customers page and create a customer by clicking on the “New customer” button. Then, you click on the customer name to access its page, and click on the “Generate a key” button.

To activate a key, you must paste it into the License page of a FileAudit server. The software will then contact our Cloud license server and activate the key.

A key can be activated only once, so if you need to install another FileAudit server for a same customer, you must generate a new key.

You can deactivate or reactivate a key whenever you want, but you can delete it only if it has not been used.

Every 2 hours, each FileAudit server will send us the maximum number of users found in the database for the current month. At the end of the month, the MSP console calculates the sum of each activated keys to determinate your total of audited users.

We do not prorate for partial months. Once a key is generated there are no charges for the remainder of that calendar month. Consider it as a free trial!

or example, if your subscription is renewed the 5th of the month and you generate a key the 15th of September, you won't be charged for the September consumption of this key. You will be charged starting from the 5th of October only.

Likewise, the consumption of a key deactivated during a month is charged for the whole billing month.

The number of users in FileAudit is calculated by the number of users accessing the files that are being audited. These are the users you see in the access events as shown below:

Access events

To help you determine the number of users accessing files, you can use the diagnositic.txt file that can be generated by hitting F12 in the FileAudit console.
If you have version or newer, you can see the number of users in the last 30 days. If you have version or newer, you can also see for the last 30 days as shown below:


The MSP console offers aggregate pricing based on the total number of users across all your customers.
The unit price per user is determined by the total number of users from all your keys audited during the month.

You are charged every month, based on the consumption of the previous month. If your trial period ended the 5th of the month, you will be charged every 5th of the month.

The amount is calculated from your total number of audited users and the corresponding unit price.

Once the amount of your invoice calculated, you will be automatically charged by Stripe on the credit card you saved, and an invoice will be send to the billing email address configured in your settings (by default the email address used at your MSP account creation).

You can also find a full history of all your transactions from the Invoices page.

In that case, you simply need to deactivate all your keys and contact us.