UserLock traces all access to your Windows network and provides you with real-time information about where and when users log on and off.

Logging and monitoring session activity of a Windows network ranks high among best practices for the prevention of insider threat.

It is crucial that any suspicious access to your organization's electronic assets can be detected and investigated rapidly ASAP.

UserLock provides Network Administrators with unique monitoring and reporting features in order to easily achieve this critical task.

Real-time monitoring and alerts

UserLock allows real time session monitoring; at all times the administrator knows the number of concurrent logins, who is connected, from which workstation and since when.

Popup or email alerts can also be sent to the network administrators for specific events such as denied logins, successful logins and logoffs.


UserLock records all session logging and locking events in an ODBC database for reporting. Reports can automatically be generated at regular intervals and predefined reports are available, including:

  • Session history: detailed connection list (logon, lock, unlock, logoff instances, users, domains, workstations),
  • Session Statistics: displays total login, total connection time and average time per session for a given user and period,
  • User sessions: snapshot view of all concurrent logins at display time,
  • Session count evolution: view of the evolution of the total opened sessions,
  • RAS sessions: view of the history, statistics and a chart displaying the evolution of RAS sessions number.

Additional UserLock features:

  • Concurrent logins limitation
  • Workstation restriction
  • Time restriction
  • Time quotas
  • Remote session administration
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