Your Windows network will not be safe until you read this

Security and Network administrators spend a lot of time and effort protecting their Windows network from external attacks. The reality is that 21% of cybercrime events are caused by insiders1.

Think you know who’s who?

Native Windows login controls do not prohibit simultaneous login with proper credentials. Your users share their credentials, as there is no consequence on their own access to the network. This of course creates a whole accountability and non-repudiation issue as user A, connected to the network with the credentials of user B, can access user B’s data and applications, send e-mails in his name, etc.

Can you answer your boss’s questions?

Windows doesn’t provide monitoring or reporting information to administrators. That means you cannot answer crucial questions about the logon/logoff activity of your users when it comes to day-to-day surveillance or to investigations following an incident: Who? When exactly? From where? For how long?

Feel helpless?

There is a solution. A software solution. With more than one million licenses in use by hundreds of security demanding organizations worldwide, including: The US DoJ, the FBI, the DEA, the United Nations, Barclays Bank, Banco Santander, Cigna, as well as numerous SMBs and academic institutions.

The name is UserLock®.

UserLock® is a unique software solution that limits concurrent logins, restricts access, monitors, alerts and reports on session activity throughout the corporate Windows network.

(1): CERT 2011 - CyberSecurityWatch Survey

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