Report on Windows Active Directory user logon and activity

Quickly drill down on key info and create reports on all Windows user logon/logoff activities, multi-factor authentication (MFA) events, administrator actions, denied logons, and more.

  • Meet compliance requirements with accurate insights
  • Report only on what you need thanks to powerful filters
  • Automate email reports and export in several formats
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Quickly create Active Directory user logon and session reports

Choose from a comprehensive list of predefined reports or create custom reports to streamline Windows Active Directory user reporting.

Report on all Windows user logon, session, and MFA events from protected machines with data from the UserLock database.
Any user with read access to the database can generate these predefined Active Directory user reports:

  • Windows user session and status history report
  • Concurrent session history report
  • Event timeline report
  • Working hours history report
  • Wifi/VPN user history report
  • IIS session history report
  • Denied logon report
  • MFA report
  • Administrator action report (available only in the UserLock Web App)

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Report on user session and agent distribution with UserLock server data

Retrieve data directly from the UserLock server to create the following pre-defined reports:

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User session report

Agent distribution report

Dashboard overview of sessions, machines and agent statistics

How do UserLock’s Active Directory user reports support compliance?

You can quickly create accurate reports about who was connected, from which system(s), at what time, and for how long to support compliance with major regulations such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, SOX and HIPAA.

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Access UserLock’s latest reporting capabilities with the UserLock Web App

The latest reports on admin actions and MFA events live only on the UserLock Web App (for now!).

  • Review key Windows user and session monitoring insights
  • Simplify daily management and widen UserLock access for IT
  • Manage custom Windows MFA parameters and help requests
  • View MFA configuration methods per user
  • Get drill-down Active Directory reporting capabilities with powerful filters
  • Export reports easily
  • Access and filter admin action reports

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