Offline Windows Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Secure offline, off-domain Windows user logins with UserLock MFA.

  • Secure remote workforce access
  • Satisfy compliance and insurance requirements
  • Provide consistent access security, both on and off-site
  • Combine with granular access controls

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Offline Windows MFA
Quickly approve 2FA from your smartphone

Easily apply UserLock MFA at login for offline, off-domain connections

  • Quick configuration
  • Easy adoption
  • Effective security

More about UserLock MFA

UserLock MFA without internet access

UserLock’s granular settings allow admins to ask for MFA on logons without an internet connection. This will apply to users who are already enrolled in MFA, on machines where the UserLock desktop agent is already installed.

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UserLock MFA without access to the corporate domain

UserLock Anywhere allows the UserLock agent to contact the service through the internet when the network connection is not established. This allows UserLock to work exactly the same for all of your users, even without access to the corporate domain.

How to install and configure UserLock Anywhere

Watch how UserLock secures remote off-domain access

Choose up to two MFA methods for your team UserLock Push notification

Choose up to two MFA methods for your team

  • Push notifications
  • Hardware tokens and keys
  • Authenticator apps
Case Study - Dobbs Peterbilt

Dobbs Peterbilt

Offline Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for remote working

Dobbs Peterbilt needed to be sure that their senior employees who worked remotely and travelled extensively were secured as much as possible.

Case Study - Biolandes


Offline MFA for Windows secures user identities to meet insurance requirements

UserLock enables this French group to ensure MFA in all circumstances, even when users don't have an internet connection.

Secure Remote Access

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How UserLock helps ensure Multi-Factor Authentication for Remote Working.


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