UserLock Pricing

Prices are for perpetual licenses and indicated NET OF TAX.
Prices charged are for the exact number of required licenses.

There are at most simultaneous sessions on my network.

Minimal purchase required: 50

User sessions



User sessions UNIT PRICE (in EUR) UNIT PRICE (in USD)
50 to 9912.00€$16.80
100 to 19910.40€$14.56
200 to 4999.00€$12.60
500 to 9997.75€$10.85
1000 to 1999Contact us
2000 to 4999Contact us
5000 to 9999Contact us
10000+ Contact us

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+ 33 559 414 220
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UserLock's licensing scheme is per maximum simultaneous sessions on your network. This usually amounts to the total workstations.

A license is also required per terminal session (Terminal Server, Citrix...), Wi-Fi session, VPN session, IIS session and/or virtual machine. UserLock will not protect sessions exceeding the license count.

Pricing includes maintenance (minor and major releases and technical support) for the first year.

Annual renewals are based on 20% of the licence cost.

Non-profit and
educational discounts

Discount plans are also available for non-profit and educational organizations.