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Contact us to choose the right plan that best suits your organization. Prices are for subscription licenses and charged according to the number of active users.

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UserLock's licensing scheme is on an annual subscription basis. Licenses include full technical support and all major and minor releases. Multiyear subscriptions are also available.

UserLock is licensed by the number of active users in the last 30 days. An ‘active user’ is any user that connects to the machines (or a server direct) that you choose to audit and protect with the UserLock micro-agent.

Once an agent is deployed, all logon connections to that machine, from any user, are detected and audited in UserLock and will count towards the license. You can choose to deploy agents (manually or automatically) to audit and protect different session types (workstation, server, RDP, IIS, Wi-Fi, and VPN sessions).

Our Sales Department can assist you to evaluate the number of licenses required for your project.

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Non-profit and educational discounts

Discount plans are also available for non-profit and educational organizations.