Use on premise Active Directory Identities for
Single Sign-On (SSO) to Microsoft 365 & cloud applications

UserLock combines SSO with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for secure and frictionless access to both network resources and multiple cloud services.

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One single AD Identity to securely access Microsoft 365 & Cloud Apps

UserLock SSO allows each user to log in only once (with optional MFA) with their existing AD credentials to seamlessly access all resources, from wherever they work.

Reduce Complexity

Continue to use Windows Server AD as the authoritative user directory.

  • No need to create a new directory for Users' ID
  • Effortlessly scale SSO across all AD users
  • Easy access to all cloud resources for improved user productivity

Elevated Security

Stop password sprawl from several different cloud applications.

  • Easily combine with affordable multi-factor authentication
  • Leverage your existing investment in AD security
  • Authentication is still performed on premise even for remote user access

Secure Federated Authentication for Microsoft 365 & Cloud Apps

UserLock SSO supports SAML 2.0 protocol to enable federated authentication of Microsoft 365 and other cloud applications. Users get secure and easy access to cloud applications with existing Windows AD credentials.

Easy to install

Installed in minutes on a standard Windows server. Easily configure each cloud application directly from the console.

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Non disruptive

Rapid implementation with no change or provisioning needed for existing access to resources and applications hosted locally.

Combine SSO with Granular MFA & Contextual Security

Secure SSO is best achieved when combined with multi-factor authentication (MFA). With UserLock, granular MFA and contextual security at login provides the SSO protection you need without unnecessarily impeding employees.

  • Customize the conditions for MFA to ensure less friction for users
  • Support for authenticator apps and tokens such as YubiKey and Token2
  • Use the context of the users’ authentication attempt to further secure all user access

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Track and Report on all cloud sessions

One central point to see the real-time status of single sign-on connections at a glance. This includes information about both logons and denied logons.

  • Username
  • Application Name
  • Date and Time of the Event
  • Session Event Type
  • Source IP Address

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New Intuitive
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New UserLock Web Console
For users UserLock SSO acts as a powerful productivity tool. For IT teams it allows us to quickly but securely offer SSO across a hybrid environment.
Augustine Woo Techsolve MSP

Simple & Secure Single Sign-On for Hybrid environments

With UserLock SSO, organizations can now retain Windows Server AD as their identity management solution – whilst extending it to work with their cloud. Combined with granular MFA, UserLock provides effective, and affordable security.