UserLock case studies

Major UK police force mitigates careless user behavior thanks to UserLock

Uk Police Force

With UserLock, UK police force appreciates having access to the network carefully managed and monitored, and any vulnerabilities minimized.

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Restricting Simultaneous Active Directory User Logins

An emerging bank in Kuwait

Leading bank in Kuwait chooses UserLock to restrict simultaneous active directory user logins and meet Central Bank of Kuwait’s compliance policy on concurrent user sessions.

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Turkish Aerospace Industries deploys UserLock to manage user access across its vast and complex network

Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc

How UserLock helps secure access to authorised employees and systems which will protect the network and its information from possible threats.

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New York’s Albany City School District deploys UserLock to manage network access across its schools

Albany City School District

Stronger access management controls from UserLock helps Albany School District reduce the risk of network security issues that stem from both students and staff.

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Managing secure network access for high turnover temporary staff at Workforce Solutions

Workforce Solutions Central Texas

A flow of temporary staff needing network access meant other employees sharing unique user logins, which increased the risk of security issues.

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Reduce the risk of security breaches that stem from unauthorized network and file access

DP World

West Africa’s busiest marine terminal chooses UserLock and FileAudit to protect its network and digital assets from unauthorized access.

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Concurrent Session Control in Healthcare for CMS Compliance


How UserLock is the "only solution on the market" that allows US healthcare insurance providers to fulfill the CMS compliance requirements (AC-10: Concurrent Session Control) for its government contracts.

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Call Center: Securing access to cardholder data for PCI Compliance


In order to become PCI compliant, Regtransfers is required to prevent concurrent logins at all shared workstations and be able to monitor and identify user access to its network.

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How to stop students logging into multiple PCs and sharing logins (University of Kent)


How UserLock stops students logging into multiple PCs using their username and sharing logins to secure 24 hour access to computer suites and resolve a difficult resourcing issue.

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A leading global Banking group controls network access and eliminates risk with UserLock


A global bank needed to eliminate the opportunity for fraud resulting from users sharing logins.

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Camden City School District eliminate concurrent logins and tracks inappropriate student usage


Camden City School District needed to eradicate login sharing and gain the ability to track workstation usage.

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Oklahoma City Public Schools eliminate concurrent logins with UserLock


Login sharing or “borrowing” was resulting in inappropriate file access and destruction to network apps because IT was unable to track who was actually logged on where and at what time.

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Bank of Cyprus reduces security risks from internal users with UserLock


Bank of Cyprus needed to enhance internal users’ network security and minimize the risk from inside the organization.

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UserLock empowers Pernambuco State Traffic Department to better protect sensitive information


Sensitive data on the Windows- based network was being put at risk by unauthorized user access and uncontrolled user behavior.

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Guangdong Province Qingyuan Prison chooses UserLock for access management across its network


Standard controls in Microsoft Active Directory to manage logins across the network proved limited in controlling and monitoring employee’s network access.

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