Enforce user logon restrictions with contextual access management

Using the contextual information around a user’s logon, UserLock will authorize, deny or limit how a user can access the network, once authenticated. Manage and control all logon and logon attempts to your Windows AD domain.

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Control and protect

Context-Aware Restrictions Stop Unauthorized Access

Working alongside Active Directory to extend its security, UserLock can apply customized login restrictions by user, group or organizational unit (OU). Any logon attempts that don’t satisfy these conditions are automatically blocked.



Limit access by location
with controls at workstation, device, IP range, organizational unit (OU), department
and country.
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Limit access to specific timeframes and set daily, weekly or monthly time quotas, maximum session times and idle session time.
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Session typeSession type

Session type

Control workstation, terminal, Wi-Fi, VPN and IIS sessions to protect both interactive sessions and network access for remote and mobile users.
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Simultaneous Connections

Simultaneous Connections

Limit the number of unique entry points and concurrent sessions to prevent simultaneous logins from a single identity.
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Userlock Anywhere to protect any remote access

Users working remotely may not always be connected to the corporate network. This ‘offline domain access’ – without a VPN - remains protected by UserLock Anywhere.

  • Keep enforcing contextual restrictions to deny connections and to force remote sessions to close.
  • Continue to respect login policies such as controlling devices, working hours or time quotas.

How to install UserLock Anywhere

Build Effective Restrictions That Protect against Security Breaches

It's tough to identify malicious network access from phished, stolen or shared user login credentials. Your system believes that person on the network is who they say they are. But with UserLock you can build effective restrictions — personalized easily to each employee — that protect against unauthorized access, even when credentials are compromised.

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Displaying Effective Restrictions UserLock allows you to easily check all effective restrictions
that are applied to a specific user, group or OU.

Example: Display restrictions set for the user Alice:

Initial access points

Limited to 1

Workstation sessions

Limited to 1

Terminal sessions

Limited to 0

Restriction settings

Authorized the following list






Restriction settings

Authorized the following list


Mon to Fri: 08:00:00 to 19:00:00


Saturday: 09:00:00 to 13:00:00

Action to take in case of overtime

Logoff session

Maximum session lenght

Limited to 15 min

Logoff notification timeout

Limited to 5 min



Allow to logoff an existing session if the number of allowed sessions has already been reached


Allow only one unlocked interactive session


Display the welcome message


Warn users in real time of all connection events involving their credentials


Non Intrusive Security

Non-Intrusive Security That Doesn’t Impede End Users

Transparent to the end-user, contextual access protection ensures employees remain productive and are not unnecessarily interrupted by additional security steps.

Non Intrusive Security

Non Disruptive Technology That Doesn’t Frustrate IT Teams

UserLock is a client-server application that works right alongside Active Directory to enhance its security, not replace it. No modifications are made to Active Directory or its schema.

User Logon Controls Far Beyond Native Windows Active Directory

UserLock helps IT implement effective logon controls that have proven impossible or extremely cumbersome to achieve through native Windows features alone.

Set restrictions by
Group and OU

This saves considerable time and allows IT to set a centralized access control policy across the organization.

temporary controls

Set for a defined time period. No users are left with access rules beyond their immediate need.

Identify an Initial Access Point from a nested session

Authorize access based on whether a session is a new point of entry or from an existing session.

Limit or prevent
concurrent sessions

Restrict a user account to access only one computer/device at a time.

Force logoff outside of authorized timeframes

Disconnect a user when they are logged on at the console.

Send previous logon notifications

Inform users of previous connection events involving their credential.

Warn users of suspicious credential use

Alert users in real-time to access events (successful or not) involving their account credentials.

Now Available in UserLock 11.2

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New UserLock Web App


Controlling system access, verifying employees' claimed identity, restricting users from sharing logins and preventing simultaneous logins are all key elements required for compliance with major industry regulations. Learn how UserLock can help organizations address these requirements and get compliant:


Address GDPR compliance
to keep personal data safe


Address HIPAA compliance
to keep patient data safe


Address PCI DSS compliance to keep sensitive cardholder data safe

Sarbanes Oxley’s (SOX)

Comply with Sarbanes Oxley’s (SOX) security regulations

ISO 27001

Address network and information access for ISO 27001 compliance

NIST 800-53

Address NIST 800-53 and NIST 800-171 compliance to keep federal data safe


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Release Date : 2/16/2023
Version : UserLock 11.2.2
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Release Date : 3/13/2023
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