Education information security

Two Factor Authentication & Access Management

UserLock puts a protective layer at the forefront of your Windows Active Directory network that secures access for students, teachers and faculty, without slowing them down.

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Securing Education at the Logon

Whether it’s a student trying their hand at hacking or leveraging a stolen teacher’s password, a teacher up to no good, or an external attacker leveraging stolen credentials, they all need to logon in order to be successful. UserLock provides the scrutiny and control necessary to automatically shut down suspicious or unauthorized activity at the point of entry.

Two-Factor Authentication


Verify the identity of all students, teachers and faculty and secure access to your network. UserLock makes it easy to enable customized, two-factor authentication on Windows logon, RDP, VPN, IIS, and SaaS connections.

Single Sign-On


Give users secure and frictionless access to Microsoft 365 and other cloud applications with SAML federated authentication for Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Identities. Organizations can retain AD as the authoritative identity provider, while extending it to work securely with the cloud.

Access Controls across Devices


Don’t just detect the threat. Stop the threat. Secure network access across all session types, including Wi-Fi and VPN. If something should fall outside of established polices and restrictions, UserLock automatically takes action before damage is done.

Remote Session Management


UserLock offers the real-time visibility into user accounts. Administrators can remotely interact with any session, to lock the console, log off the user or even block them from further logons.
This immediate and remote response further protects access to the network.

Reporting on Historic Connections


Accurate information about who was connected, from which systems, at what time and for how long. UserLock makes it easy to generate reports and perform accurate forensics - freeing up time and resources for other critical tasks.

Powerful access security
Control the when, where and how long

Stop breaches from
compromised accounts

Genuine but compromised logins from exploited or careless users are now useless to malicious insiders or external attacks.

Prevent simultaneous sessions
and password sharing

Enforcing single session access stops students from password sharing, leaving shared workstations unlocked or logging into multiple computers simultaneously.

Make students accountable
for any activity

Whether its student pranks or more serious insider attacks, access to the institutions critical data/resources is now always identifiable and attributed to one individual. This discourages malicious actions and makes all users more careful with their trusted access.

Why UserLock is an ideal fit
for Education

Easy Adoption

UserLock requires zero training for students, staff or faculty, making implementation easy in an educational setting.

Seamless Integration

UserLock integrates with the logon process, ensuring students and staff can quickly get access to learning resources, but in a way that allows IT policies to be firmly in control.


Education organizations need to spend a limited budget wisely. UserLock works alongside your existing investment in Active Directory. No adaption or addition to the existing infrastructure is needed.

Support Access Values
that define Education

The culture of education promotes the freedom to exchange ideas and access information instantly for the benefit of learning. UserLock facilitates both security and productivity to strike the balance between an open yet secure network.

Proactive Security

Protecting a base of student users - who can range from the easily exploited to the absolutely sinister, your security cannot be reactive, waiting until a breach occurs. UserLock effectively limits the scope of access, stopping the threat actor before they can do any harm.

No easy feat; The Challenge of Securing the SMB

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While you may be keenly aware that your education organization may be the target of attacks, it’s important to better understand who is doing the attacking, why, what they’re after and – most importantly – what you can do about it.

Two-Factor Authentication Solution for Windows & RDP Logons

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Two-Factor Authentication Solution for Windows, RDP & VPN Logons

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Putting a Stop to Password Sharing

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