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Two Factor Authentication & Access Management

Get full control and visibility over all network access – and access attempts. Prevent data breaches and non-compliance issues.

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Stop unauthorized activity at the logon

The Financial Services sector needs to protect data and resources from unauthorized access, intentional or otherwise. Logon security with UserLock is a simple and effective means of stopping the threat. Prevent the use of compromised accounts, block careless login behavior, and end malicious actions from both external attacks and the insider threat.

Two-Factor Authentication


Add an additional security step to verify the identity of your users and secure access to your network. With UserLock you can enable two-factor authentication easily on Windows logon, RDP, VPN, IIS, and SaaS connections.

Single Sign-On


Give users secure and frictionless access to Microsoft 365 and other cloud applications with SAML federated authentication for Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Identities. Organizations can retain AD as the authoritative identity provider, while extending it to work securely with the cloud.

Automated Access Controls


Customized policy-based restrictions help verify all users’ claimed identity. Define who can logon, how (e.g. RDP, local, Wi-Fi, VPN), from where, which machine/device, how often (number of concurrent sessions) and when.

Real Time Insight, Alerts & Response

Real Time

Administrators can track and remotely interact with any session, to lock the console, log off the user or even block them from further logons. Alerts can notify IT and users themselves, of inappropriate logon activity and failed attempts.

Centralized Reporting


Accurate information for forensics and regulatory compliance. Detailed auditing on who was connected, from which systems, at what time and for how long.

Protect critical financial data and information
assets from external attacks and the insider threat

Stop Credential-Based Attacks

Genuine but compromised employee logins are now rendered useless to malicious insiders or would-be external attackers.

Prevent Careless Login Behavior

Password sharing, shared workstations left unlocked or logging into multiple computers simultaneously is now eradicated.

Mitigate the Risk of Malicious Activity

Access to any data/resource is now always identifiable and attributed to one individual user. This accountability discourages an insider from acting maliciously and makes all users more careful with their actions.

How financial services benefit from deploying UserLock

Deploy swiftly and scale effortlessly

Working alongside Active Directory, UserLock integrates seamlessly with the logon process. Controls can be applied at AD group levels for general protection of large user bases and augmented with individual user rules.

Controlled access -
based on the need to know

Enforce customized access policies to best meet an organization’s own needs. Restricting network access on a job-role basis helps ensure employees can only access information they need to do their job.

Overcome the security risk in Active Directory single sign-on (SSO)

Address the gaps left by SSO to achieve both elevated security and productivity. Read our white paper

Easily adopted by users

Zero training and zero change for users! Working behind the scenes, UserLock protects the users and the environment without any additional security steps.

Protect any windows account with privileged access

Protect any account with privileged access whilst also enhancing the security of all privileged accounts. Read our white paper

Address compliance with industry regulations

Many standards are keenly aware of the importance of the logon and successive actions. UserLock helps ensure access to the network is identifiable, audited and attributed to an individual user.
UserLock for PCI DSS Compliance
UserLock for SOX compliance

UserLock Review – 5*

Product review

UserLock Review – 5*

« UserLock teams up seamlessly with Windows Active Directory to deliver easily managed user logon controls, essential concurrent session management and a wealth of auditing information. »

Access Security Compliance for Financial Services

IS Decisions Research

Access Security Compliance for Financial Services

Research and guidance on access security for PCI DSS, SOX, GLBA and FCA regulations that safeguard sensitive financial and customer data. A user security checklist helps you with your compliance strategy.

Two-Factor Authentication Solution for Windows & RDP Logons

White paper

Two-Factor Authentication Solution for Windows, RDP & VPN Logons

15 reasons why administrators choose UserLock to enable strong two-factor authentication and contextual access management for all Windows logon, RDP and VPN connections.

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