Hardware tokens and keys for two-factor authentication (2FA)

Secure access to on-premise Active Directory and cloud apps with 2FA via hardware tokens and keys from YubiKey or Token2.

  • Quick setup
  • Easy self-enrollment
  • Protect from human error
  • Phishing-resistant

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Secure 2FA with a hardware tokens and keys

Connect your hardware authentication device for highly-secure MFA that meets the highest compliance and security standards.

Easy onboarding

UserLock makes it easy for IT teams to onboard YubiKey or Token2 devices. Once the UserLock administrator enables and configures MFA, end users can enroll in just two steps:

  1. 1 Plug the key into the computer’s USB port. UserLock automatically detects the device and programs the key
  2. 2 Press the “Success” or “Valid” button and tap the device’s button. UserLock displays a 6-digit code and enrollment is complete.
Easy onboarding

MFA with YubiKey

UserLock supports Yubico’s security keys to secure Active Directory user logins with secure MFA.

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MFA with Token2

UserLock supports Token2 programmable tokens to protect user access to Windows systems.

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MFA with Token2

Resistant to phishing attacks

Hardware authentication devices remove the user from the authentication process – a common vulnerability exploited in phishing attacks. This makes hardware tokens and keys the MFA method of choice for organizations that want to choose an MFA method that’s most resistant to phishing attacks.

Choose up to two MFA methods for your team UserLock Push notification

Choose the MFA method that fits your team

IT admins can choose to offer hardware tokens and keys in addition to other MFA methods for users.

UserLock also supports:

  • Push notifications
  • Authenticator apps

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