Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Microsoft IIS

Secure user logons to Microsoft IIS sessions with UserLock MFA.

  • Prevent lateral movement attacks
  • Protect access to sensitive data
  • Satisfy compliance and insurance requirements
  • Combine with granular access controls

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Why UserLock MFA for IIS apps

  • Quick configuration
  • Easy adoption
  • Effective security

More about UserLock MFA

Easily apply MFA for IIS apps

Quickly install and configure the UserLock IIS application. Once configured, the IIS UserLock agent will redirect the user to a dedicated web application where the user can enroll in MFA and complete MFA before accessing the protected Microsoft IIS applications, such as: OWA, RDWeb, Sharepoint, CRM or an intranet website.

How to apply MFA for IIS apps

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MFA for Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Prevent remote user logons to Exchange mailboxes with UserLock MFA for OWA.

How to apply MFA for OWA

MFA for RDWeb

Protect remote user logons to RDWeb with the UserLock IIS agent, which can be quickly configured to prompt for MFA after users complete password verification.

How to apply MFA for RDWeb

Choose up to two MFA methods for your team UserLock Push notification

Choose up to two MFA methods for your team

  • Push notifications
  • Hardware tokens and keys
  • Authenticator apps

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