Small & medium business
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Two Factor Authentication for SMBs

UserLock offers proven security to better protect all Active Directory accounts at the logon, without obstructing your users or frustrating SMBs and the MSPs servicing them.

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Reduce the risk of external attacks, insider
threats and compliance issues

With a lack of resource and limited time, it’s no easy feat securing the SMB. But with UserLock working alongside existing Active Directory infrastructure to reduce the risk of unauthorized access, SMBs benefit from enterprise caliber protection in terms of effectiveness, and SMB sensibilities in terms of implementation and use.

Two-Factor Authentication


Verify the identity of your users and secure access to your network. Built with SMB sensibilities, UserLock makes it easy to enable two-factor authentication on Windows logon, RDP, VPN, IIS, and SaaS connections without disrupting users.

Single Sign-On


Give users secure and frictionless access to Microsoft 365 and other cloud applications with SAML federated authentication for Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Identities. Organizations can retain AD as the authoritative identity provider, while extending it to work securely with the cloud.

Automated Access Controls


Don’t just detect the threat. Stop the threat. SMBs cannot take a lot of false positives. There is no time to chase down 50 alerts a day. If something should fall outside of established polices and restrictions, UserLock automatically takes action before damage is done – not only when IT intervenes.

Real Time Insight, Alerts & Response

Real Time

The best prevention strategy needs to be validated over time to ensure measures are working. UserLock administrators can interact with any suspect session, to lock the console, log off the user or even block them from further logons. This immediate response further protects access to the network.

Centralized Reporting far
Beyond Native Windows


By gaining visibility into your logons, you will have a better idea of just how much risk the organization faces daily. Native Windows auditing can provide some help but proves a daunting task to see the ‘bigger picture’. UserLock makes it easy to perform accurate forensics or prove regulatory compliance - freeing up resources for other critical tasks.

Powerful access security
Control the when, where and how long

Mitigate both insider threats
and external attacks.

UserLock acts as an early indicator
to prevent attacks

Given the rampant practice of misusing credentials as part of both external and insider attacks, UserLock’s protective security layer at the logon helps ensures any account – or compromised account - isn’t being misused.

Manage access
to address compliance

Many standards are keenly aware of the importance of the logon and successive actions.

Regulations ask organizations to ensure access to the network is identifiable, audited and attributed to an individual user. Compliance ultimately begins with the login.

Secure any kind of privileged
access at all times.

Every user has attributed access rights and is some sort of privileged user.

An SMB cannot afford to simply focus on protecting accounts that are admin level.

Security solutions for SMBs should avoid frustration

Limited Administration

Simple to implement and intuitive to manage, UserLock is a non-disruptive technology that works alongside existing Active Directory infrastructure.

Easy adoption for Users

Working behind the scenes, UserLock protects the users and the environment without any additional security steps.

Security solutions for SMBs should avoid frustration
No easy feat; The Challenge of Securing the SMB


No easy feat; The Challenge of Securing the SMB

Whether you’re an MSP or the IT pro in an SMB, learn why the SMB is an easy target, just how effective is security in the SMB and how to start developing a SMB-friendly security strategy.
Watch the full recorded webinar.

8 SMB-Friendly Criteria to achieve maximum impact


8 SMB-Friendly Criteria to achieve maximum impact

Our infographic highlights the criteria to help choose IT security solutions that achieve maximum impact with minimum effort.

Two-Factor Authentication Solution for Windows & RDP Logons

White paper

Two-Factor Authentication Solution for Windows, RDP & VPN Logons

15 reasons why administrators choose UserLock to enable strong two-factor authentication and contextual access management for all Windows logon, RDP and VPN connections.

Managed IT Service Providers (MSP)

Two solutions to secure your clients networks

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