Offline MFA for Windows secures user identities to meet insurance requirements

Offline MFA for Windows secures user identities to meet insurance requirements

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    Natural extracts production for perfumes and cosmetics

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UserLock ticks all the boxes for our MFA insurance requirements, and is very easy to implement.

Christophe Paillaud, CISO, Biolandes

  • Challenge: To secure global employee access to user sessions and to the corporate environment with multi-factor authentication (MFA), both with and without an internet connection.

  • Solution: Biolandes chose UserLock to secure user identities and fortify access to the network across on-site and remote employees. The solution was easy to implement, as it integrates into their existing active directory environment.

  • Result: With UserLock MFA, Biolandes simplifies access management and secures access to its network through strong MFA on user identities, even without an internet connection.

The Biolandes group is a recognized producer of aromatic plant extracts for beauty, wellness and nutrition, as well as for all companies that place the finest natural and plant-based raw materials at the heart of their products. With a strong international presence, the group has several production sites on 4 continents.

The Challenge Provide offline MFA for Windows user identities to meet insurance requirements

Biolandes' rapid growth and international expansion called for a review of existing cybersecurity standards and controls.

Christophe Paillaud, the group’s Chief Information Security Officer, commissioned an external cybersecurity audit, which recommended the group implement MFA across their user base. While most Biolandes users are on-site, several employees are itinerant, frequently traveling internationally to the group’s various production sites, and in areas that don’t always have internet access.

Around the same time, the group’s cyber insurance provider asked for MFA to secure user access to Active Directory.

Paillaud launched an internet search for an MFA solution to secure Active Directory user identities, both on-site and remote, even when an Internet or network connection is not possible.

For Paillaud, the ideal MFA solution would also be Made in France, in line with Biolandes' values as an independent, French family business.

He quickly narrowed down his search to UserLock.

The Solution A simple, rapid MFA implementation across on-site and remote users

UserLock’s free 30-day trial period allowed Paillaud to evaluate how UserLock could accomplish MFA both online and offline, which was crucial to meet the group’s cyber insurance and internal security requirements.

The simplicity of UserLock’s MFA, and the added bonus that our solution is French-made, convinced Paillaud. Biolandes deployed UserLock across on-site and remote users, enabling the group to rapidly meet MFA requirements.

The Result Secure user identities with offline MFA for Windows that meets insurance requirements

Biolandes easily adopted UserLock’s MFA, employees and IT team members alike appreciating its ease of use.

With UserLock, Biolandes ensures secure access to user sessions and to its IT environment. And thanks to UserLock's offline MFA, its access security is consistent, no matter what conditions users encounter as they travel across the world.

Paillaud shares that UserLock makes it easier for his IT team to manage user access. The team saves a considerable amount of time thanks to automatic reactivation according to the chosen date and time. After implementation, the solution was also able to flag important security elements (such as, for example, multiple connections by telephone).

Paillaud is also pleased with how UserLock’s dedicated support team has facilitated certain very specific use cases for Biolandes.

Last but not least, the Landes-based group is delighted to partner with a French company to meet their MFA requirements.

At Biolandes, we have nomadic users all over the world, sometimes with interrupted Internet connections. UserLock enables us to provide MFA in all circumstances.

Christophe Paillaud
CISO, Biolandes


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