Multi-Factor Authentication for a Large Manufacturing Company to Meet Local Security Requirements

Multi-Factor Authentication for a Large Manufacturing Company to Meet Local Security Requirements

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One of the most simple tools I’ve ever seen.

Pascal Boulogne IT Manager at Aluminium Dunkerque

  • Challenge: Aluminium Dunkerque’s IT Team initially was looking for an easy way to monitor user activity on their on-premise Active Directory, and later on returned to evaluate UserLock Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to help them align with the security certification advice from the French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI).

  • Solution: After a quick search first led them to UserLock in 2018, the IT team onboarded the solution for monitoring and contextual restrictions. And when they were looking for an MFA solution, they found that UserLock could also meet their requirements.

  • Result: Over the past four years, UserLock has helped the IT team monitor and protect Active Directory identities against unauthorized access. And with UserLock’s MFA, they now use the same tool to deploy stronger authentication on all employees, and to protect administrator’s remote access – aligning with ANSSI best practices.

Aluminium Dunkerque is Europe’s largest primary aluminum smelter, specializing in the production of aluminum sheets/slabs and ingots for applications in transportation, automotive, aerospace, packaging, building, and construction sectors. Aluminium Dunkerque is also positioned as a world leader in sustainable and carbon-neutral aluminum for its customers and community.

The Challenge To Deploy MFA to Respond to ANSSI Best Practices, and to Monitor User Activity

In 2021, Aluminium Dunkerque was bought by American Industrial Partners, a private equity firm. This sale, as well as their new Microsoft Office 365 tenancy, prompted them to want to deploy MFA to all employees to secure access to both local applications and the cloud, and to better protect their high-privilege administrators for remote access.

The Solution Expanding UserLock’s Use-Case to MFA Across the Enterprise

The IT team originally found UserLock thanks to an online search of Active Directory monitoring solutions. At the time, they were looking for contextual restrictions and the ability to more easily monitor users in real-time.

Then, when the IT team was looking for an MFA solution, they turned back to UserLock.

After testing UserLock’s MFA, they confirmed that it would help them align with ANSSI security requirements. They didn’t feel the need to test any other solutions.

We use the Microsoft Authenticator app, and found it really simple to set up with UserLock. The authentication process is quick and easy for our users.

Pascal Boulogne
IT Manager at Aluminium Dunkerque

The Result Satisfying ANSSI Requirements With Easy-to-Use MFA & Secure User Monitoring

For over four years now, UserLock has enabled the IT team to monitor access outside of work hours, along with all login logoff activity.

Since they first onboarded the solution, the IT team has detected and quickly blocked abnormal connections thanks to UserLock’s real-time monitoring. And now, with MFA, the team has access to an additional security measure to secure external and admin connections, like RDP sessions. This means they can now align with ANSSI MFA requirements without onboarding and investing in an additional tool.

I’d recommend UserLock as an MFA solution but also as an easy way to monitor Active Directory user activity. And UserLock also helps us align with the recommendations from ANSSI. We chose UserLock based on this security aspect.

Pascal Boulogne
IT Manager at Aluminium Dunkerque


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