Avoid Network & Data Breaches

By adding two-factor authentication, access policies, restrictions and real-time insight around Active Directory user logins, UserLock helps ensure only the appropriate use of critical systems and sensitive data.

And unlike security solutions that require an attacker (internal or external) to perform some kind of damaging action, UserLock acts before any access is achieved and before damage is done* - no logon, no threat.

* The mean time to identify a breach is 197 days. (Ponemon Institute: The Cost of a Data Breach)

2FA Solution for Windows & RDP Logons

12 reasons why administrators choose UserLock to enable strong 2FA and contextual access management for all Windows logon, RDP and VPN connections.

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Key Indicators of Compromise

As a common activity across nearly all attack patterns, logons provide one of the clearest indicators of compromise to help protect company data and thwart attacks.

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Prevent insider threats

With UserLock, the ability to successfully logon (and remain logged on)
becomes more than just whether the right credentials are used.

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Controls make genuine, but compromised employee logins, useless to attackers. Protect exploited users from phishing attacks or malicious colleagues.

Out-rightly restrict certain careless user behavior such as password sharing, shared workstations left unlocked or logging into multiple computers.

All access is identifiable and attributed to one single user. This accountability discourages malicious users, and offers a quick response and evidence to address violations that do occur.

Stop external attacks
and lateral movement

UserLock stops an attacker’s ability to use compromised credentials at the point of intrusion (the most common threat action*) and as they move laterally within the network in an effort to find, access and steal data.

*Verizon, Data Breach Investigations Report 2018

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Manage a controlled access policy

Set different login limitations to ensure every user has sufficient access rights to fully perform their tasks, but no more.

Being automated restrictions, this avoids the storm of alerts that turn out to be false positives. If something should fall outside of the established policies, UserLock automatically takes action – not only when IT intervenes.

How to enhance Windows Logon Controls


Put a stop to password sharing

UserLock mitigates the risk by making shared logins virtually impossible to use, except for the genuine owner of the password.

Limiting simultaneous logins from different initial access points also deters those users who do continue to share, as it impacts their own ability to access the network.

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Secure wireless &
remote user access

UserLock takes into consideration access from all session types and devices. It permits an organization to better control and restrict access to their wireless networks and user connections from outside the domain.

MFA for Remote Working


Protect any account
with privileged access

Every user has attributed access rights and privileges and is some sort of privileged user. UserLock ensures all accounts can’t be misused.

It simultaneously enhances the access security of the most privileged users. For example, out-rightly restricting domain admin accounts to troubleshoot workstations.

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Session monitoring
and response

Rather than investing in another tool, UserLock allows administrators to monitor and interact remotely with any user session direct from the console.

Reduce the time spent tracking user activity by up to 90%.

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Accurate logon logoff forensics

A centralized and searchable audit trail makes it easy to perform accurate forensics or prove regulatory compliance – freeing up time and resources for other critical tasks.

Integrate UserLock logon notifications, in real time, to countless other applications. Improve the accuracy and security of any SIEM system, time and attendance software, keycard access systems...

The Power of Webhooks

Manage working hours

Accurate reports on the actual work hours allow you to better manage and react to employee’s attendance, overtime thresholds, suspicious access times and more.

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Optimize shared workstation usage and reduce security risks

To better manage and secure a network of shared machines, UserLock allows administrators to interact remotely with all sessions (open or locked), direct from the console.

Instantly react to forgotten sessions left open, enforce single session access, force logoff after idle time and ensure the fair sharing of computing resources.

Michigan State University Case Study

Ease of use
& enterprise value

Reduce Complexity

Works seamlessly alongside your existing investment in AD. No modifications to AD accounts, structure or its schema.

Avoid User Disruption

Easily adopted by end-users without impeding productivity.

Easy Set-Up

Fast to deploy, UserLock is installed in minutes on a standard Windows Server.

Scale Effortlessly

An automated and scalable deployment engine makes implementation easy. Controls set by AD Group & OU Levels help larger user bases.

Cost Effective Security

Accurate and effective security, UserLock maximizes your chances of stopping a threat before it starts.

Powershell Integration

Helps expedite and/or schedule certain tasks and execute personalized requests on the information within UserLock.


A UserLock backup server can be installed to guarantee failover.

Webhooks & API

Integrate the valuable data managed by UserLock, with other solutions to improve overall IT security management.

Delegate Administration

Specified users can view and manage user sessions without access to more critical settings.

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Release Date : 5/11/2022
Version : UserLock 11.2
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