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Report on Employee Login Logout History

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    LINEMASTER Switch Corporation

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    Manufacturing, Medical & Industrial Devices

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    United States

UserLock gives us information on demand, about the network access habits of our users.

Keith Worthington IT Manager at LINEMASTER

LINEMASTER is the story of a great small business success. It has become the foot switch of choice to those who require exceptional quality. The growth of the company and its manufacturing facility has seen LINEMASTER embrace new technologies whilst remaining faithful to its original small company focus of service, quality and integrity.

The Challenge Full visibility on user’s logon and logoff times

Management wanted IT to provide reliable session information on when users were logging on and logging off from the network. Having an automated way to gather accurate and on-request reports would help the business prevent, and when necessary, resolve employee disputes over actual hours worked.

By querying regular Windows events, IT had tried to pull information on user activity from various endpoints. They also had to consider logs from the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to build up some kind of user activity tracking. The work proved laborious, time consuming and lacked the precision the company needed.

The Solution Accurate and immediate login reports on all endpoint activity

A third party solution was therefore sought to provide fidelity to their results. Dale Warren, Systems Administrator at LINEMASTER, was tasked to research possible solutions and selected UserLock to trial.

The deployment of the software proved very easy and straightforward. They were able to install UserLock on a virtual server and immediately saw the benefits of UserLock’s centralized auditing and close integration with Active Directory.

“UserLock made it easier to gather the information we need. It shows us all access activity, across both our traditional desktop and VDI environments,” said Keith Worthington, IT Manager at LINEMASTER. “When asked, we can choose a user or group of users from Active Directory, and immediately send a report to management.”

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In addition, Linemaster are able to observe in real-time, exactly where users are authenticating from. They can also use UserLock to detect any suspicious logins, and respond according direct from the console. Restrictions can also be placed on users or groups on where, how and when they can access the network.

The Benefits On demand access reports that protect the company interest

Following a legal dispute with a former employee that evoked claims to the actual hours worked, management required an accurate solution to help avoid future conflicts. Keith and his team needed a solution that was always ‘on’ and could integrate quickly with their existing environment. “Our experience with UserLock has been very positive so far. We were up and running in a very short amount of time, and quickly saw the software met all our requirements. UserLock gives us information on demand regarding the network access habits of our users.”

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  • Challenge

    Reliable session information on when users were logging on and logging off from the network.

  • Solution

    UserLock provided accurate and immediate reports on all endpoint activity across traditional desktop and VDI environments.

  • Result

    On demand access reports that can help avoid future conflict on employee working hours.

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