Working Hours Reports

Manage and React to
Users’ Connection Time

Detailed and interactive reporting on users’ connection times. Manage and react to employees’ attendance, overtime thresholds, productivity and suspicious access times.

Discover UserLock 9.7

UserLock 9.7

UserLock now offers

easy-to-read reports on the working hours for all users on your network. Every connection event, across all session types are considered to build an accurate picture of the actual work hours.

Working Hours History

An overall view of users working hours by day. Filter users by specific times (first logon or unlock, last logoff or lock, total session time etc.), group the information by user or date, select only specific session types, etc.

Available with UserLock 9.7

Working Hours History

Working Hours by Week

More detailed analysis of your users' working hours, illustrating clearly the user’s daily activity. Detect suspicious or unauthorized access events at a glance.

Available with UserLock 9.7

Working Hours by week

Working Hours by Month

A broader view of the hours worked, highlighting the total active and locked session time.

Available with UserLock 9.7

Working Hours by month

Working Hours

Report on connection times outside of what is defined as the authorized working hours.

Available with UserLock 9.8

Unauthorized Working Hours

With more and more organizations managing flexible working hours and remote users, it can be a challenge for IT admins to see how much users are actively connected.
These reports allow you to better manage users’ connection times,
and provide accurate, detailed data required by management in the event of a security breach or HR investigation.

Go further than reporting
Restrict Connection Times and Force Logoff

UserLock also makes it easy to limit access to specific timeframes. Set logon hour restrictions, maximum time quotas and force logoff automatically when outside of authorized hours.

Logoff session Force logoff when logon hours expire