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Login logout time tracking for employees

Learn how UserLock makes it easy to manage and react to employees’ attendance, overtime thresholds, productivity and suspicious login logout times.

Published Feb 25, 2020
Login logout time tracking for employees

With more and more organizations allowing flexible work hours and users working remotely, it is increasingly important to be able to manage and monitor employee’s working hours.  Being able to track not only login and logout times, but lock and unlock activities a manager can obtain an accurate view of how their employees spend time at their computer and view an attendance report per user.

The access management and security software UserLock can help you do this and more. By also applying restrictions on when, how and where an employee can login, an organization can also control connection times and force logoff when outside of authorized hours.

Why do you need attendance monitoring?

There are many different reasons for accurately tracking employee hours.

Human resources needs

It can be a question of wanting to control the working time of the employees in order to value overtime, or to ensure daily, weekly, monthly or annual maximum working time thresholds are respected.

Compliance/litigation needs

For several countries, regulations insist that the employer must keep documents available that can demonstrate the working hours performed by each employee.

In the event of a control from the labor inspectorate or a dispute with an employee, the employer must be able to explain and justify the working hours for the company. This will allow them to show that they respect the rules relating to the various limits defined in the matter, the allocation of rest days, the compensation for work on public holidays and/or non-working days, etc.

Information security needs

This is about monitoring user connection times to detect suspicious access times. In the event where compromised credentials are used to logon at 3 a.m. on a Saturday morning, a notification on this access could alert the IT team that an attack is possibly underway.

Employee login logout software

To manage and react to employees’ attendance, overtime thresholds, productivity and suspicious access times, UserLock offers detailed and interactive reporting on users’ connection times.

These reports allow you to better manage users’ connection times, and provide accurate, detailed data required by management.

4 reports are available:

Working hours history

Overall view of users working hours by day.

Working hours by week

More detailed analysis of your users’ working hours, illustrating clearly the user’s daily activity.

Working hours by month

A broader view of the hours worked, highlighting the total active and locked session time.

Unauthorized working hours

Report on connection times outside of what is defined as the authorized working hours.

Discover UserLock’s new reports

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Going further by limiting connection times

If you want to avoid paying overtime, make sure that your employees respect certain working time quotas or even avoid suspicious access, you only have to limit connection times.

With UserLock, you can limit access to specific time limits. Set connection time restrictions, maximum time quotas, and force logoff automatically outside of authorized hours.

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