Real-Time Alerts For IT Administrators

Defined for any particular user, group or organizational unit, alerts are set on events that may warrant further investigation such as failed logon attempts, attempts to log on to default accounts and activity during nonworking hours.

Alerts can be sent to one or more recipients by email and pop-up notification.

Step-by-step guide on how to define an alert

Real-Time Alerts

Respond to Alerts Direct from the Console

As soon as a suspicious access event is detected, IT administrators have the chance to instantly react. An immediate response can help reduce the risk of security breaches.

Remote Session Response

Interact remotely with any session, open or locked, to log-off, lock or reset the appropriate settings.

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Interact remotely with any session

One-Click Block

Immediately block any suspect user account with just one click. This closes all existing sessions and denies all future logon attempts.

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Immediately block

Block the user


Personalized Computer Commands

Target one or many machines with computer command prompts.

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PowerShell cmdlts

PowerShell cmdlts

PowerShell Integration

Use UserLock PowerShell cmdlts to expedite certain tasks and run scripts.

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Logon Restrictions

Adjust user access control rules in real-time. Security is an iterative process. Restrictions should be revised or temporary rules defined that respond to access events.

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Adjust user access control rules

Designed to work from any device, IT administrators can respond on the move with UserLock from a smartphone or tablet.

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Real-Time Alerts To warn end-users

Warn end-users in real time of all connection events involving their credentials.

Breaches are often initiated by acquiring and misusing a user’s credentials. Help users assess for themselves any suspicious activity involving their own trusted access.

Administrators can customize both the message and on which events and session types trigger the pop-up notification.

Credential Warning

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