Secure a free access network

UserLock guarantees genuine access security for Windows networks, by preventing possible student pranks and more importantly by thwarting malicious and/or careless users.

Limit simultaneous sessions

On a Windows network, it’s very easy for students to disclose their credentials to unauthorized third parties as there is no consequence on their own access to the network.

Thus, several workstations can unduly be blocked by one user and serious security flaws can occur (e.g.: server attacks).

UserLock resolves these issues by restricting or stopping simultaneous sessions (same ID, same password) per user or group of users. So it’s possible to limit the students to only one possible Windows connection at any instance

Access restriction

For example, a student having managed to get a teacher’s credentials will be able to access confidential information (exam questions, results, etc…) from any workstation on the network.

UserLock will stop account misuse by allowing the administrator to define per user and per group, the workstation(s) that they can or cannot use (by NetBIOS name / IP range). Thus, a student would not be able to login using a teacher’s credentials from a room equipped with free access workstations.

In the same manner, it’s possible to restrain access to administrative workstations (accounting, finance, etc…)

Remote session management

In the event of abnormal or suspicious behavior having been detected on a workstation, UserLock will allow the administrator to remotely disconnect the user or lock the session from a central console or any online computer.

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