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Agentless, remote and non-intrusive; FileAudit offers an easy yet robust tool for monitoring, auditing and alerting on all access, and access attempts, to files, folders and file shares that reside on Windows Systems and in the cloud.

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Discover FileAudit 6

Extend auditing to the cloud & trigger an automated response to an alert.
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FileAudit 5

File Access Auditing
for Windows Servers

Auditing access to Windows file servers with FileAudit 5. New mass access and alteration alerts, access tracking by IP address and irregular access time alerts.
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Getting Started

How to quickly install your file system auditing software

FileAudit secures access to sensitive files and folders in an organization. This tutorial shows how to install your file system auditing software in less than 3 minutes.



Basic Settings for file access auditing

FileAudit is an agentless, remote and non-intrusive file access auditing software. Before adding folders and files to audit, we need to define some settings.



Begin monitoring and auditing all access events on your files and folders

This tutorial shows how to start monitoring and auditing all access events generated on each chosen Windows Server. FileAudit automatically records all events into a centralized queryable SQL Server database.



How to display and track file access events monitored by FileAudit

FileAudit will track file access and access attempts across all your Windows Servers.
With its powerful filtering capabilities learn how to filter the access events by different criteria to focus only on the information you need.



How to schedule file access reporting to enhance security and regulatory compliance

Manual event log analysis using Windows native features is a tedious and time consuming task. FileAudit instantly provides comprehensive and accurate information about access to sensitive files and folders through its schedulable, automated and multi-criteria reporting.



Improve your file access auditing performance through advanced settings

With FileAudit, your file access auditing performance and scalability can be improved further through the exclusion of irrelevant access events or files with specific extensions. With advanced settings you can also enable remote connection and delegate an audit to non-IT users.



Set alerts to file access or access attempts

Get notified for any chosen access event. FileAudit provides automated email alerts that are triggered when specific access events are detected. A change to a critical file can reflect a significant event such as improper access.



How to clean the file access events history in your database

The event cleaner in FileAudit allows you to delete historic file access events that are no longer needed depending on your organization and regulatory compliance policies.



How to delegate file and folder auditing to external auditors or non-IT users

Specific accounts can be created for people without administrative rights allowing external auditors or non-IT users to perform audits securely and autonomously.