Set alerts to file access or access attempts

Get notified for any chosen access event. FileAudit provides automated email alerts that are triggered when specific access events are detected. A change to a critical file can reflect a significant event such as improper access.


Hi everyone, welcome to the FileAudit Tutorial. We will see on this video how to configure alerts. Click the “Alerts” tile in the FileAudit hub.

"Main" tab

In the “Main” tab, type the name of the alert. The status filter determines if the access attempts were successfull, denied or both. Select the access type on the monitored file or folder. You can filter by a “User” and when available a “Source” file for the access event report. If desired, change the “Enabled” switch to enable this alert or not.

"Monitored paths" tab

The “Monitored paths” tab displays the list of files and folders contained in the given alert. To add a path, click on “Add a file/folder” button. Type directly the path of the folder or click the magnifying glass to browse and validate.

"Recipients" tab

The “Recipients” tab lists the e-mail recipients for this alert. Click the “Add a recipient” tile and enter the recipient name and the email address. You should be able to select this recipient thanks to the pickup feature.

"Mail message" tab

In the “Mail message” tab, type the subject and the content of the mail which will be sent. The template of the mail message uses different dynamic variables which you can decide to keep or delete. Once finished, click on the ’save” button to validate your alert configuration.

Next video

On the next video we’ll see the different advanced setting available to improve auditing performance.