Trying to Audit Access
to your sensitive data?

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What’s New with FileAudit 5

Agentless, remote and non-intrusive; FileAudit offers an easy yet robust tool for monitoring, auditing and alerting on all access, and access attempts, to files, folders and file shares that reside on Windows System.

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Mass access and alteration event alerts

FileAudit 5 can now send administrator alerts when mass access, copying, deletion or movement of bulk files has been detected, indicating a potential breach.

Mass access

Access tracking by
IP address and Machine Name

Monitor where the user has accessed the file from, including if the user accessed the file from a different workstation, by identifying the IP address and machine name. Apply these criteria to also trigger specific access alerts and for reporting.
File access viewer

Irregular access time alerts

Minimize the risk from access outside of regular working times by triggering administrator alerts when files are accessed during non-business hours.

Access time alert

Detailed Activity Overview

Quickly get key insights into the access to and usage of audited data on your file servers. View all events performed in the previous 4 weeks for a specific user or particular file/folder. Detail user - FileAudit


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Boost your security
with FileAudit 5

Reduce the risk of Data Security Breaches

Alerts for bulk file copying and mass deletion or movement, as well as IP and machine name tracking go further in helping organizations detect and combat malicious access and alteration of sensitive information. FileAudit not only gives IT professionals optimal visibility into what is happening to the organization’s data, but the opportunity to react quickly in identifying potential abuse.

For more information on how to identify unusual file activity and impede data breaches read the whitepaper The role of File Auditing to Spot and Stop a Data Breach.

Meet Compliance Requirements
& Avoid Penalties

Industries working under standards such as GDPR, ISO 27002, HIPAA, PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, NIST 800-53 and NIPSOM Chapter 8 require strict access security measures. Prove to regulators sensitive information is being monitored and protected effectively through comprehensive monitoring on all access activity to data found on files, folders and file shares.

To learn more about how file auditing helps meet compliance objectives, read the whitepaper The Role of File Auditing in Compliance.

FileAudit hub

Enterprise Software That’s Intuitive & Easy To Use

FileAudit hub
Agentless, Remote and Non-Intrusive:

Installed in less than 3 minutes, FileAudit protects all file servers in a Windows environment without intrusion.

Centralized File Auditing & Long Time Archiving

Centralize and archive all file access events occurring on one or several Windows systems to generate an always-available, searchable and secure audit trail.

Powerful Filtering Capabilities

Exclude irrelevant data and focus only on insightful and actionable information.

Improved File Auditing Performance

Optimize the audit to keep only relevant access events (approx. 30%) for monitoring.

No Unnecessary Overhead on the Server

Real-time monitoring means no additional storage requirements on the file server, avoiding any potential performance problems.


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