Powerful Filtering Capabilities

Better control and management of your auditing can be offered by filtering access events by type, user account or time range.


Filtering File Access Events

Finding answers about file access activity can be time consuming and challenging. FileAudit finds the answers you need from audited access events with far less effort.

Filter options:


Display events from the first event available, or a specific date.


Display events up until the last event available, or a specific date.


Display events for a specific user or Active Directory Group.


Display events for a specific source, by entering the IP address, machine name or executable file name.

Access type

Choose the desired access type(s)

Object type

Display events from the folder and/or file.


Display events for a specific domain by entering the domain name


Filter the display to limit it to either successful (‘Granted’) or unsuccessful (‘Denied’) access attempts.

What’s more, all filter configurations can be saved as XML files for reuse in future audits.


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Release Date : 12/17/2019
Version : FileAudit 6.1
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