Insider Threat Protection for Microsoft Windows Server based Networks

Bolster your defense against the insider threat

Today’s world offers many diverse opportunities for the insider threat and it’s not only corporate data that’s at risk. Critical services that our society relies on for its everyday functioning are now dependent on computers and seen as potentially vulnerable to security attacks.

As the insider threat continues to pose increasingly high risks to organizations across all sectors, IS Decisions provides proven and powerful security solutions to thwart insider attacks and respond instantly to emergency situations.

The following can help you discover how to strengthen your defence against internal security breaches. Learn how to build on native Windows Active Directory security to better manage and secure network and file access for all authenticated users. Start mitigating the risks from both malicious and careless users to protect your network and the data/resources inside.

Managing the Insider Threat

Insider Threat Statistics


The seriousness of insider threats, intentional or not


Identify & mitigate the risk from authenticated users


Securing network access for all authenticated users

Detect & Respond

Moving from access logging to continuous monitoring and immediate response


Disseminate good user behaviour to protect against insider threats

Zero Trust Security

Reduce the risk of security breaches from the insider threat

Insider Threat Research & Reports

IS Decisions’ User Security in 2015: The future of addressing insider threat

IS Decisions’ new research report is a study into the opinions and immediate plans of 500 IT decision makers in regard to tackling the insider threat. Learn how IT professionals in the US and UK are taking action to address insider threat in their organization.

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IS Decisions’ Insider Threat Security Manifesto: Beating the threat from within.

What can you do to mitigate the risk of insider threats from both a technological and cultural standpoint? Drawing on research from 500 IT decision makers in the US and UK, this security manifesto helps empower IT professionals to take proactive measures to help them beat the threat from within.

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A Study of Insider Threat Personas

Who are the most potentially dangerous users in your organization and what you can do to alter behavior and mitigate risk? Based on independent research conducted with 2,000 desk workers in the US and UK, the Persona Study builds up a picture of some of the differing security personas you are likely to find in your business.

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IS Decisions’ Insider Threat Peer Report

A rare insight into the views of security experts from a variety of industries (education, government, FMCG, finance and health) on internal security, the findings of which make a particularly strong case for a ‘zero trust’ approach.

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