An Insider Threat Program & Zero Trust Security Reduce the risk of Security Breaches from the Insider Threat

The wave of damaging insider-borne breaches during the past few years has made it clear that traditional, perimeter-centric security strategies are no longer effective.

Where the traditional model views everything on the inside of a network as ‘trusted’, and everything off the network as ‘not trusted’, this leaves the network open to internal misuse.

zero trust security model does not make that distinction; First proposed by Forrester Research, it addresses the outdated approach that assumed everything on the inside of an organization’s network should be trusted.

Never trust, always verify

Any network has authorized employees (authenticated users) who have access and rights, carrying out the kind of bad or careless behaviour that often leads to security breaches.

Zero-trust internal security

For example when it comes to protecting network credentials, corporate policies can force the most stringent requirements on password creation and maintenance – (number of characters, type of characters, expiration dates…). Millions are spent on single sign-on technologies that alleviate the need for numerous passwords to access a multitude of applications. But those policies do little good when a worker simply gives his password to someone else.

In this way, an organization has the ability to determine in a very granular way, what are the legitimate access needs of each employee, and efficiently enforce that decision.

With ‘never trust, always verify’  as its principle, the zero trust model recognizes the need to better manage access for all authenticated users and places the importance of being able to see and verify everything accessing and going on in the network.

IS Decisions software offers organizations proven and effective solutions that help support any zero trust initiative to protect a Windows Network against insider threats



UserLock offers enhanced access controls, restrictions and real-time monitoring to ensure that persons logging into the system are who they say they are and help secure network access for all authenticated users.

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FileAudit helps organizations proactively track, alert and report on all access (and access attempts) to files, folders and file shares that reside on Windows Systems and in the cloud. It helps protect an organizations most sensitive information stored on Windows Servers.

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Organizations that are using security software such as UserLock & FileAudit as part of a wider insider threat program helps reduce the risk of security breaches from their employees and extended enterprise.