Multi Factor Authentication made easy

Multi Factor Authentication made easy

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    Orange Coast Title Company

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    Real Estate

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    United States

UserLock was love at first sight! It is the perfect combination - easy to use software, with good support.

Cameron Rezvani Sr. Systems Engineer

  • Challenge: The IT Team at Orange Coast Title Company needed to be able to remotely manage users’ sessions and comply with many regulations around multi factor authentication.

  • Solution: UserLock’s real-time visibility, ability to respond remotely to any event and multi factor authentication was everything they needed.

  • Result: UserLock has helped Orange Coast Title Company simplify their daily work and get compliant.

Orange Coast Title Company is a real estate company in southern California working with 550 users in more than 70 offices all over the US.

Having to deal with different banks, the company has to comply with a high amount of regulations. They are being audited at least once a year to make sure they respect the different compliance regulations.

The Challenge Deploy MFA and remotely manage all Active Directory Accounts

Working with the financial sector, Orange Coast Title must comply with a large number of regulations. The main requirement means that users should use two-factor authentication at least once a day, when logging on to the corporate network. Outside auditors perform yearly audits to make sure the company are compliant with this.

The second big challenge was the IT team was receiving a lot of helpdesk calls after having to update passwords, users were being locked out when trying to access company email on their phone or other device. Several things could have been causing this including cached credentials, users logged onto multiple systems or smartphones not updating passwords. What was needed was better visibility over users’ sessions and the ability to remotely manage and unlock them.

The Solution Multi factor authentication and real-time visibility

The IT team started looking for a solution to these challenges and found UserLock. They decided to try it thinking “if that’s really what it does, that’s great” and found that it lived up to the expectations. Deploying the software proved easy.

The installation was so easy and only took a few minutes thanks to the automatic mode. The on-premise interface is very intuitive.

Cameron Rezvani
Sr. Systems Engineer

UserLock’s real-time visibility and reporting into all users’ sessions gave administrators the overview they were looking for, and the ability to quickly review and respond to any incident or event. The team is now able to unlock accounts remotely and easily.

UserLock’s Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) was a game changer for the IT team as it represents one of the most demanded functionality by many regulations.

I’ve never seen MFA implement so easily before.

Cameron Rezvani
Sr. Systems Engineer

The Benefits Simplified daily work and compliance met

UserLock has allowed Orange Coast Title Company to save a lot of time and to comply with many regulations. It has helped administrators manage and respond to users’ sessions easily.

Fast to deploy and easily adopted by end users, UserLock works seamlessly alongside your existing investment in Active Directory.

UserLock has simplified our daily work. We don’t have to go through our logs anymore which was a long and tedious task.

UserLock was love at first sight! It is the perfect combination - easy to use software, with good support.

Cameron Rezvani
Sr. Systems Engineer


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