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How prolific is password sharing?

We asked IT professionals what percentage of people they believe are sharing passwords within their organisation. Across all organisations and industries, the mean average was 19%, a number that did not differ between the UK and the US. This means that if IT’s estimates are correct, just under one in five people are sharing their passwords with colleagues.

However, the greatest volume of IT professionals (35%) told us that they believe no one is sharing passwords in their organisation.

Great news, if true. Looking at this information in isolation it is possible to assume that over a third of organisations have all the necessary precautions in place to prevent password sharing, or just have a completely compliant and educated workforce.

Realistically though, this is unlikely, leading us to conclude that there is some naivety or lack of education even among IT professionals about the proliferation of password sharing.


Combat password sharing by limiting users to workstations, locations, devices, user groups or departments

How prolific is password sharing?