Product retirement notice. IS Decisions announces the product retirement of WinReporter. Here is how the end of life process and dates has been defined.

WinReporter history

WinReporter 4.06

  • Fixed:  Compatibility problem with Windows 10/2016
  • Fixed:  Compatibility problem with Internet Explorer 10/11
  • Improved:  Scan video adapters for versions after Windows Vista

WinReporter 4.05

  • Fixed:  Compatibility problem with Windows 8
  • Fixed:  Groups with a description of more that 254 characters could not be inserted in the database

WinReporter 4.04

  • Fixed:  Scheduled queries did generate a file
  • Fixed:  Scan of the Windows language for Windows Vista or more
  • Fixed:  Scan of print events on Windows 2008 R2

WinReporter 4.03

  • Added:  New SQL custom query allowing doing some advanced analysis
  • Fixed:  When exported in pdf, reports with check boxes may not be correctly displayed in Acrobat Reader
  • Improved:  In distribution reports the Min/Max/Average/Standard variation are displayed again
  • Improved:  You can now filter a report on several computer names
  • Improved:  In the database section you can now quickly switch between different databases with the context menu.
  • Improved:  The Added/Removed products report can now filter out most Microsoft hotfix installations.
  • Added:  The Added/Removed products report can detect product updates.
  • Improved:  The process tracking report was optimized to show up faster
  • Improved:  The Folder size report can now display the free space when the pie chart is displayed for a whole partition.
  • Fixed:  A little precision problem in the scanned file and folder sizes
  • Fixed:  An exception in the "Computer inventory" report when type filter (Portable/Not portable) was selected and a model or manufacturer filter was added.
  • Fixed:  The RAS & VPN statistics report was generating an SQL error when executed on a MS Access database
  • Fixed:  The first execution of the RAS & VPN evolution report was generating an SQL error.
  • Fixed:  A problem in the Share policy report.
  • Fixed:  The next and last run times for scheduled tasks were wrong in reason of a local/UTC time problem.
  • Fixed:  In the User print statistics report the total was wrong when the report was grouped by printer or by server.
  • Fixed:  The report Windows versions & updates was generating an SQL error when executed on a MS Access database and the filter "Reboot needed" was selected.
  • Fixed:  The query of the report "Folder permissions" was very slow on big MS Access databases.
  • Fixed:  In some reports entries were duplicated in the report TOC.
  • Fixed:  When the object access audit was enabled, scanning security events on Windows Vista/2008/7/2008 R2 was generating a lot of access events and the scan was dropping events.
  • Fixed:  File access events on Windows 7/2008 R2 were not correctly translated for the File access report and in consequence the access type was always other.
  • Fixed:  Adding approved/unapproved executables in the process tracking report was generating an exception if not process events were available or if the executable list was not yet loaded.
  • Fixed:  If too many approved/unapproved executables were specified in the process tracking report an SQL error ("SQL expression too complex") was generated when launching the report on a MS Access database.
  • Fixed:  If an approved/unapproved executable was added with the characters '{} in the path an exception was generated when launching the report.
  • Fixed:  An approved/unapproved executable was not taking into account all different paths.
  • Improved:  The CPU core and hyperthreading detection
  • Fixed:  When some reports were scheduled a MSSQL connection error was displayed during the execution of the task
  • Fixed:  If no user profile was loaded the scanner was not scanning system autoruns entries
  • Fixed:  Hotfixes were not scanned on Windows 7/2008 R2

WinReporter 4.02

  • Improved:  When you select a new action/document configuration you can immediately scroll the configuration sections with the wheel mouse.
  • Improved:  The query of the following reports is now faster: "Windows versions & updates", "Hotfix installation percent"
  • Fixed:  In some cases the scan of specific computers failed with the error message "Stream corrupted, the end of the file is missing"
  • Fixed:  WinReporter could not be started without administrative rights in order to display only reports. This is still not possible on Windows Vista/2008 in reason of the user access control.
  • Fixed:  When administrative shares were missing on target computers the explanation was empty in scan errors
  • Added:  Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 are now supported

WinReporter 4.01

  • Added:  Ability to do offline scans with the executable ScanAgent.exe. Once the scan is done the data file (%ComputerName%.dat) needs to be imported in the database with the database manager. More information in thehelp file
  • Added:  The event cleaner in the database manager in order to remove old unneeded events from the WinReporter database. More information in the help file
  • Improved:  Error management in the scanner
  • Added:  Ability to restore the connection to the default database with the database section context menu
  • Improved:  Margins in reports are now kept for each report when you customize them.
  • Fixed:  After modifying margins the TOC was no longer working.
  • Added:  Ability to load and save event filters with the context menu of the Event logs section of the scan configuration
  • Added:  Event filters allowing using the event reports are now installed with the product (Default path c:\Program files\ISDecisions\WinReporter4\Templates)
  • Fixed:  The hot fixes were not scanned on Windows Vista/2008 computers
  • Fixed:  In some case video adapters were not scanned on Windows Vista
  • Fixed:  In the session history report the session type filter box did not display session types with the readable name.
  • Improved:  If the action tree is accidentally lost WinReporter will automatically restore it after a restart.
  • Improved:  If the connection to the default database is accidentally lost WinReporter will automatically restore it after a restart or you can restore it with the context menu of the database section.

WinReporter 4.0

  • Updated:  The help file in French
  • Fixed:  A bug in the report zoom
  • Improved:  If the remote registry is not started on a computer to scan, the scanner start it automatically

WinReporter 4 beta 2

  • Updated:  The help file in english
  • Added:  The french version of the interface
  • Fixed:  A bug in the folder size report when displaying the pie chart at the root of a drive
  • Fixed:  A bug in the Windows versions & updates report when displaying all computers with a specific hotfix installed. The report also display again a check box when a computer needs a reboot.
  • Fixed:  A few bugs in the scanner
  • Added:  It is possible again to display a custom logo in the report header. You can configure it in the options.

WinReporter 4 beta

  • Improved:  A whole new tabbed interface allowing to do all WinReporter tasks from a single interface (Scanner, Reporter, Database builder, Snapshot manager, Scheduler)
  • Improved:  Event reports are now also included in the Reporter
  • Improved:  The new scanner uses up to 10 time less bandwidth
  • Improved:  The scanner is up to 2 time faster when the information is inserted in a Microsoft SQL server database
  • Improved:  The reporter uses a new report engine and all reports have been redesigned
  • Improved:  Ability to easily schedule a scan with the generation of several reports in pdf and send these reports to a specific recipient
  • Added:  The following information is now scanned:
    - Monitors (Model, Serial number, size)
    - SystemSlots (type PCI/PCIExpress/ISA, data width 32 bits/16 bits/16X/4X/1X, Curent usage In use/available)
    - License keys for Windows & MS office
    - Network drives (if the user is logged on during the scan, drive letter, unc path)
    - Programs automatically started when a user open a session (name, executable path, arguments)
    - The version of the following Windows components: MDAC, Windows Installer, DirectX, .NET framework
    - The driver version for devices
    - The computer platform x86/x64/ia64
    - The Windows edition (enterprise, datcenter, bisness, home, ...)

  • Improved: Scan improvements
    - The scan of network cards was improved for Windows 2000 computers or more. Network card in teaming should be see as a single card and remote access connections are now also scanned.
    - The scan of hyperthreading and multi core processors
    - You can now specify several event filters in order to only scan events you are interested in
  • Added:  The following new reports:
    - Driver version analysis (group computers according to the version of a specific device)
    - Product version analysis (group computers according to the version of a specific product)
    - Folder sizes (allows to search the biggest folders in your network. You need first to scan folders)
    - Windows components version analysis (group computers according to the version of a specific Windows component)
    - Services report (display service according to the state (running/stopped/...) the start mode (Automatique/Manually) and the service account)
  • Improved:  The following reports:
    - Disk space evolution: The bottom of the chart is always 0 in order to have a better idea of the space evolution
    - Windows versions & updates: ability to filter on the patform type (x86/x64/ia64)
    - Sessions history reports: You can now display logon denied by Windows (e.g. invalid passwords)

  • Improved: Ability to group event reports by computer, users, ...
  • Improved: Raw data is displayed in a new datagrid allowing to group, sort and filter data. You can also hide columns. You can export the data in CSV, in MS Excel and other formats.
  • Added: For reports, You can now display the raw data only if you are not interested in the printable version and just want to export the result in Excel for example.
  • Improved: Impersonation accounts are now stored in a central location (secret section of the registry) so you don't need to enter them again each time you configure a new scan.
This beta version can be installed side by side with any previous version of WinReporter.
For more information see the document: What's new in Winreporter 4

WinReporter 3.52

  • Fixed:  Version 3.51 of the scanner was unable to scan applications on Windows 2000 systems when the scan was launched from a 32 bit version of Windows XP.
  • Fixed:  The scanner could in some specific cases scan a system several times and generate duplicate records in the database.
  • Fixed:  A crash of the snapshot manager while merging snapshots for which folders had been scanned.
  • Improved:  For MS Exchange (2000/2003) systems: the version and edition of Exchange are now displayed in the software section of the global report.
  • Fixed:  A bug in the OS repartition report and the Service Pack repartition report
  • (error 'Runtime Error 6 Overflow').
  • Fixed:  Percentages displayed in the manufacturer repartition report were sometimes incorrect.
  • Improved:  Percentages are now displayed with 2 digits in repartition and distribution reports.
  • Fixed:  The database builder was unable to start on systems running a French version of Windows, in consequence the scan mode "Don't keep previous snapshots" didn't work.
  • Fixed:  A problem stopping the merge and transfer of snapshots to a Windows Vista system.
  • Fixed:  Not all hot fixes were scanned on 64 bit systems.
  • Fixed:  The last logged user was not scanned on Windows Vista systems.
  • Fixed:  The scanner sometimes rescanned the whole event log instead of only the more recent events, leading to the creation of duplicate event records in the database.

WinReporter 3.51

  • Improved:  Ranges in histogram charts
  • Fixed:  The memory modules were no longer displayed in the global report in version 3.5
  • Fixed:  A bug while displaying the Disk size distribution report for computers with more that 2 TB disk space
  • Fixed:  Bugs while loading/saving the configuration of various reports.
  • Disabled:  The empty password scan. The scan could lead to account locking if a restrictive account policy was configured and many scans were launched in a short time frame.
  • Improved:  The snapshot merging is now faster in the snapshot manager
  • Added:  The report "Added/Removed printers"
  • Fixed:  Some issues with difference reports
  • Fixed:  Some issues with Windows Vista
  • Improved:  Loading the configuration panel of the "Local administrators" report was very long
  • Fixed:  A bug in Model & Manufacturer repartition reports (Displayed error: Run time error 9: Subscript out of range)

WinReporter 3.5

  • New: New reports (Up to date maintenance required for existing customers):
    Added/Removed devices
    Added/Removed user accounts
    Added/Removed shares
    Service changes
    Memory size distribution
    Disk size distribution
    CPU speed distribution
    Model repartition
    Manufacturer repartition
    OS version repartition
    Service pack repartition
    Hotfix installation percent
    RAS/VPN session statistics
  • Improvements & fixes (free for all existing WinReporter 3.0x customers)Improved:  The "Newly installed product" report can now also display removed products. The new name of the report is "Added/Removed products".
  • Improved:  The process tracking report can now display unapproved processes according to a list of approved or unapproved executables. The list of approved executable can be extracted from a clean computer.
  • Fixed:  The user thread was crashing in some cases while scanning users in the AD.
  • Fixed:  The selected report was not highlighted in the reporter when the focus was not on the tree control.
  • Fixed:  32 bits applications weren't scanned on x64 computer in previous versions
  • Fixed:  In the Folder permissions denied access entries weren't displayed correctly
  • Improved:  Share permissions can now be displayed in the folder permissions report
  • Improved:  The database timeout was increased (2 minutes) for the Snapshot manager and the reporter and if needed a customized value can be set using the following registry value: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\WinReporter\Reports\DefaultTimeOut"=(REG_SZ)"300" (time in s)
  • Improved:  The snapshot selection box gives more space for the snapshot description. If needed the description is also displayed in a tool tip.
  • Improved:  You can select the information you want to display in the global report
  • Improved:  The database is now indexed in order to display reports faster

WinReporter 3.05

  • Fixed:  The scan was hanging on SAMBA servers. Now the scanner just return an error code when such a computer is detected.
  • Added:  Ability to scan all values in a registry key. For example in order to scan all values inHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion
  • \Run specify HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion
  • \Run\* as registry path.
  • Fixed:  Bugs while exporting reports in a RemoteExec computer list (.rec file)

WinReporter 3.04

  • Fixed:  Some information was not scanned on Windows 9x computers
  • Fixed:  After collapsing a report group the currently selected report wasn't deselected
  • Fixed:  Bug while editing IP ranges
  • Fixed:  The scanner was hanging in some cases (mostly on multi-processors computers)

WinReporter 3.03

  • Fixed:  Hyperthreading processors weren't detected correctly
  • Fixed:  WinReporter was unable to scan SMBIOS information on Windows 2003 SP1 and x64 computers.

WinReporter 3.02

  • Fixed:  In the "General requirement" report disk space conditions were not working in version 3.01
  • Fixed:  In the "General requirement" report the disk space was not displayed correctly with a SQL database in version 3.01
  • Fixed:  When specifying and IP address with 255 in an Ip range the scan was not stopping at the end of the IP range.
  • Fixed:  IP addresses with 255 or 0 were not scanned in IP range
  • Changed:  The option "All used domains" is now unselected by default so the scanner will not automatically scan the PDC.
  • Added:  The printer model is now displayed in the printers report
  • Improved:  Printers with an empty name are not displayed in the printers report and in the global report
  • Added:  The full user name is now displayed in the "Users in groups" report and in the "Account logon analysis" report.
  • Added:  The "Users in groups" report can display if needed enabled accounts only.
  • Fixed:  A bug while scanning services with a 254 characters length description. In that case the services thread was not terminating correctly.
  • Fixed:  A synchronization problem between threads. In previous versions the scanner was sometimes hanging without any reason.

WinReporter 3.01

  • Fixed:  A bug in the RAS & VPN connections report if time limits were specified
  • Fixed:  A bug in the RAS é VPN connections report the amount of sent data was displayed in Byte instead of KB.
  • Fixed:  A bug in the scanner. Domains to scan were not loaded from a scan configuration file.
  • Improved:  Better support of Oracle databases. Event reports still not support Oracle.
  • Improved:  The scan of SMBIOS data by using a second way to scan this information. You should not get the warning message Advanced scan mode (Initialization denied)
  • Improved:  Shorter Search in the Global Catalog. By default the scanner will not search the Global Catalog. To get the AD container of your computers you can either scan a whole domain or organizational unit (no IP range or computer list) or select "AD paths" in the advanced scan wizard (Windows NT).
  • Improved:  Shorter search in the Global Catalog for the computer browser
  • Improved:  No scan warnings for shared CD-ROM
  • Improved:  Less warning messages for database insertions
  • Fixed:  A bug in some reports if a computer has more than 2 TB of disk space.
  • Fixed:  A bug in the report Service packs & hotfixes. The report was unable run the condition "Reboot needed" on a MSSQL database.
  • Fixed:  The scanner was crashing with the scan mode "Update the latest snapshot"
  • Added:  SCSI & RAID controllers are displayed in the Global report (after physical disks).
  • Improved:  Hyperthreading processors are identified in reports

WinReporter 3.0

  • Updated:  Getting started guide
  • Improved:  Scan of AD rôles from a foreign computer
  • Fixed:  A bug in the computer inventory report for P4 hyperthreading computers
  • Fixed:  A bug in the global report for netcard DNS settings
  • Fixed:  A bug while loading/saving a report configuration file for the reports Registry values and Schedule tasks
  • Fixed:  The report generation in command line mode was not working

WinReporter 3.0 beta 2

  • Added:  All new features are documented in the help file
  • Improved:  The Folder permissions report displays only subfolders if permissions are different from the parent folder
  • Added:  Ability to sort, print and search raw data in the reporter
  • Added:  Effective membership in the report "Users in groups"
  • Improved:  The scanner use impersonation accounts in order to retrieve the computer list from a domain.
  • Added:  Ability to enter manually in the scanner domain names (useful if the domain browser doesn't work)
  • Added:  Ability to filter computers on the operating system language in the "Service pack & hotfixes" report.
  • Added:  Ability to detect the following changes with the "Computer changes" report: Number of partitions/disks/accounts/services/printers/processors/share, the disk size, the free disk size and the processor speed.
  • Improved:  Ability to display NTFS permissions only for unusual shares (except ADMIN$, PRINT$, C$, D$, ...)

WinReporter 3.0 beta

  • Added:  Report "Logon analysis"
  • Added:  Report "Computer Inventory"
  • Added:  Ability to scan scheduled tasks
  • Added:  Report "Scheduled tasks"
  • Added:  Ability to scan customized registry values
  • Added:  Report "Registry values"
  • Added:  Event report "RAS & VPN connections"
  • Added:  Ability to sort and group reports by domain or AD container
  • Added:  The AD tree is displayed in the TOC of the reports (if grouped by AD container)
  • Changed:  The share permissions report is now able display permission for all scanned folders. So the new name is "Folder permissions report" The report can display simplified permissions (RWXD).
  • Added:  The computer browser can retrieve the computers from the global catalog and display the AD tree
  • Changed:  The "Snapshot Cleaner" is renamed to "Snapshot Manager"
  • Added:  the snapshot manager can merge several snapshots
  • Added:  the snapshot manager can transfert a snapshot in another database
  • Added:  The snapshot manager can remove computers from a snapshot
  • Improved:  The DNS configuration is scanned (and displayed in the global report) for each network card
  • Added:  New scan mode: "Update latest snapshot". With this mode the scanner will add all unscanned computer to the latest snapshot and update in the snapshot all already scanned computers.
  • Added:  Ability to display raw data (database tables) in the Reporter
  • Improved:  The report "Service packs & hotfixes" can now detect if a computer needs a reboot
  • Improved:  The event report "Process Tracking" displays now the exit time of the process and can find all chile processes of a specific process
  • Improved:  The export button was moved in the report viewer. The report doesn't need to be generated again for an export
  • Added:  Ability to export a report in a RemoteExec computer list file (.rec) allowing to use RemoteExec withWinReporter.
  • Added:  Scan errors & warnings are now inserted in the database and the "Scan errors & warning" report is automatically displayed after a scan with errors.
  • Added:  Ability to generate automatically reports after a scan trough a batch file
  • Added:  You can specify to the scanner to scan a whole domain or whole OU
For a preliminary documentation of all new features in WinReporter 3 please read the document "What's new in WinReporter 3" installed with the product.
If you are a WinReporter 1.x/2.x customer you need to backup and upgrade your current database with the "Database Builder" or use a new database.

WinReporter 2.03

  • Added:  Ability to scan the OS edition Enterprise server, Terminal server, ...
  • Fixed:  Bugs making crash the Global report in some cases
  • Fixed:  Bugs in the User sessions report
  • Improved:  Optimisations in the event reports
  • Fixed:  Canceling a scan was making crash the scanner
  • Fixed:  New ping routine. The old routine was not working in some cases
  • Added:  Ability to scan files without folders in order to speedup the scan

WinReporter 2.02

  • Fixed:  Crash of the scanner during the scan of computers with a large SMBIOS information zone
  • Fixed:  The scanner was blocking on computers where the disk controller was not found. Symptom: use of 100 % CPU time and a scan slower for other computers.
  • Added:  Scan of Internet Explorer hotfixes
  • Fixed:  An access violation during the scan of files in consequence of invalid file/folder dates.
  • Fixed:  a bug in the page numbering of the Global Report
  • Fixed:  a bug in the CSV export
  • Added:  volume labels in "Disque space analysis" and in "Disk space evolution"
  • Added:  CSV export in event log reports
  • Fixed:  Error in the description of the "Disk space analysis" report

WinReporter 2.01

  • Fixed:  A bug in the User sessions audit when checking sessions without logoff or logon
  • Added:  The service status in the global report
  • Added:  Active directory roles and folders (Sysvol, ntds) of domain controllers in the global report.
  • Added:  IIS enabled services in the global report (If checked during the scan)
  • Added:  Button upgrade in the database builder in order to upgrade older WinReporter/NTRama databases to the newest structure.
  • Fixed:  A bug disallowing to scan some products even if they were available in add/remove programs
  • Fixed:  A bug when using the impersonation during a scan running from a Windows XP computer. Symptom: Event 32 "Failed to impersonate" and computers are only partially scanned.
  • Improved:  The computer browser display faster domains and computers.
  • Added:  The password age, if the password is expired, if the account is disabled, if the password never expires for all users listed in the global report.

WinReporter 2.0

  • Fixed:  a bug disallowing in some cases the scan of Active Directory servers roles.
  • Updated:  the help file with all new reports and new tables in the database reference.
  • Fixed:  a bug in the scan of CD-ROMs. The cable position was not right (if more than 1 CD-ROM).
  • New:  You can configure your company logo (displayed in all report headers) (in the start menu Winreporter\tools)
  • Improved:  Ability to use the advanced scan technology (scan models, memory slots, ...) with impersonation accounts
  • Fixed:  The file access report was not working with audit events generated on Windows 2003 servers.

WinReporter 2.0 beta

  • New:  Scan of memory modules
  • New:  Scan of partition name and file system type
  • New:  Memory upgrade report
  • New:  Devices report
  • New:  Printers report
  • New:  CPU time evolution report
  • New:  Memory use evolution report
  • New:  Computer change report
  • New:  three event logs report: Process tracking, Computers starts&stops, Service errors
  • Fixed: Problem in the protection system. In some cases the scan didn't allow to scan the correct number of workstations specified in the license key.

WinReporter 1.7 beta

  • You can read the "What's New" file for full reference of all new features. This release is an intermediate step before the final version of WinReporter 2.0. In the final version more reports will be available.Much additionnal scanned information Physical disks/Swap files/printers/Active directory servers/Microsoft DNS servers/Network Protocols&services
  • New eventlog module with a new database format and 4 new reports based on several system audit Generic events report/User sessions report/Files accesses report/Printing reports New eventlog scan engine. In order to scan eventlogs please use the advanced scan mode.
  • A new report: "Share permissions" displays the NTFS permissions of all shared folders
  • Ability to scan files only on specified folders

WinReporter 1.2 beta

  • Added: new scan technology in order to retrieve: the computer model, manufacturer and serial number, the motherboard model, manufacturer and serial number for all computers compliant with SMBIOS. This information is displayed in the global report. Don't work on computers in workgroups and foreign domains (without trusted relationships) and on Windows 9x computers.
Warning! The database structure has changed. In order to add snapshots to an old WinReporter database (version < 1.2) you need to add the new fields to the server table and create the OemStrings table.

WinReporter 1.12

  • Display license information (Servers, Workstations, modules, expiration date) in the "license" dialog box (Welcome page of the scanner)