Product retirement notice. IS Decisions announces the product retirement of WinReporter. Here is how the end of life process and dates has been defined.

WinReporter features

Enterprise Hardware Inventory

WinReporter retrieves all necessary information regarding your Windows systems: CPU, RAM, BIOS, video adapters, network cards (TCP/IP configuration), partitions, hard drives, printers, serial number, manufacturer model, devices, microprocessor platform, monitors and system slots.

This will enable you to search for computers with specific hardware characteristics, track changes to your infrastructure and follow the evolution of your hardware resources (available disk or memory space, CPU consumption).

WinReporter Hardware report chart

Enterprise Software Inventory

WinReporter tracks and audits all your installed applications and Windows components, Windows Edition, files (versions and permissions), license keys for Windows and Microsoft Office, autoruns, etc.

You will then be able to locate computers on which a specific software product and version is installed or missing, detect any unauthorized software and ensure compliance with purchased licenses.

WinReporter Software report

Security Audit

WinReporter checks for security flaws by allowing you to:

  • identify computers missing appropriate patches or hotfixes,
  • find systems with unapproved local accounts or administrators,
  • display shares and folders permissions,
  • detect user accounts with expired passwords,
  • get detailed information about access to files,
  • track all logon and logoff activity throughout the network (including RAS and VPN sessions),
  • check for unnecessary or suspicious Windows services and processes,
  • identify servers with unauthorized shares.
Example of Hotfixe installation percent report

User Accounts Management

WinReporter allows you to run queries on your users to determine: which group(s) they belong to, password age or validity, account status (enabled/disabled), or latest logon time.

You can also display added, removed, enabled or disabled user accounts on your Windows network between 2 dates.

Example of account logon analysis report

Troubleshooting Analysis

WinReporter gives you immediate access to detailed information that allows you to quickly isolate and respond to Windows systems problems:

  • list all error or warning events (services, systems, applications) or all events from a specified source,
  • determine the differences between 2 snapshots,
  • visualize the evolution of resource consumption,
  • identify users that are connected when an incident occurs,
  • check for suspicious processes.
Example of Event services errors report

Change tracking

WinReporter reports track the evolution in free disk space, RAM and CPU usage.

Additional reports identify added or removed: software, user accounts, shares, services, devices, printers, as well as hardware changes.

Example of disk space evolution report chart

Baseline analysis

WinReporter allows you to perform comprehensive baseline analysis about installed software, services and shares.

You just have to specify authorized software, services or shares by selecting them from a baseline system and WinReporter reports will compare the systems to the baseline and determine the differences.

Example of the Software analysis Report configuration

Comprehensive, automated reporting

All information collected by WinReporter can be displayed and printed using [b]58 different out-of-the-box reports[/b] enhanced with filter, sort options and graphics.

The reporting process can be fully automated, as you just have to pick out reports of your choice, schedule their generation and have them Emailed to selected recipients.

Customized SQL queries can also be used when you require company specific reports.

WinReporter scheduler

WinReporter Plus

Agentless and non intrusive

Thanks to agentless technology and usage of standard protocols, WinReporter installs in a couple of minutes and does not require any deployment.

If you are an IT consultant, you can even install it on a laptop and use it to collect data from Windows systems on your customers' networks.

Multithreaded and powerful

Entirely multithreaded, WinReporter adapts easily to the amount of computers or components to analyze (up to tens of thousands) by allowing the administrator to select the number of threads scanning the Windows network.

Schedulable and automated

WinReporter allows you to schedule scans at a specific time and/or frequency, then automatically generate reports and send them to selected Email recipients.

You can therefore operate WinReporter in "Set and Forget" mode.

Open access database

All information collected by WinReporter is stored into a SQL Server (or Microsoft Access) database.

You can benefit from the fully-documented database structure to perform SQL queries and build your customized reports.

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