React Instantly to access events with Computer Commands

UserLock offers the possibility to launch from the console personalized commands targeting any computers. With this tutorial we can see how to define and use these Computer commands.

Launching commands direct from the UserLock console

To access this feature, click on the Tools menu and select ‘Options’. Display the ‘Computer commands’ section.

As you can see, there is only the 'Remote Desktop' command already enabled by default.

You can enable from here a predefined computer command or create your own to run specific jobs/scripts.

Click on the ‘Add’ button. It will deploy the list of predefined commands. To enable one, just click it.

You can also create your own command clicking on ‘New…’

A form will pop up. Define the name of this new command.

This name will be used to launch the command from the UserLock Windows console.

Add the path of the executable you want to launch.

If necessary, set a Working folder.

You can specify in the Arguments field all necessary arguments to use with the executable plus the dynamic variable {ComputerName}.

Using this variable, the computer targeted will be the one(s) you have selected in the UserLock console before launching the command.

Click Ok to enable your personalized command.

Once enable, you will find it displayed into the active computer commands list. You can of course edit or delete any command if necessary.

Once a predefined command is enabled or a new command is created, the command name is automatically added to the context menu and the Quick access panel of the UserLock User sessions view and Agent distribution view.

Select the computers you want to target and with a right click, launch your command from the context menu or directly from the Quick access panel.

There are no specific restrictions with regards to the applications that you can define, so just use it as you wish.