Enterprise Distributor Easily Scales MFA Protection for Active Directory, Even for Offline Access

Enterprise Distributor Easily Scales MFA Protection for Active Directory, Even for Offline Access

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UserLock was easy for IT admins to install and configure. And users easily completed the MFA self-enrollment process.

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  • Challenge: Our client was looking for an MFA solution to secure their on-premises Active Directory (AD) identities 24/7, without changing their existing AD infrastructure. They also wanted MFA to work without an internet connection, and to protect access for remote RDP connections.

  • Solution: They quickly found that UserLock met all of their requirements, and chose the solution after a smooth trial period and reactive assistance from the support team.

  • Result: UserLock now provides easy-to-use MFA across multiple sites, protecting on-site and remote access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether employees have an internet connection or not.

Our client is a leading distributor of fresh produce in France.

The Challenge 24/7 MFA Security for On-Premise AD Identities That Doesn’t Need an Internet Connection

Following an internal audit, our client’s IT manager, and his team put a priority on finding a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution. They were looking for a MFA solution as an additional security layer. They wanted to protect access and credentials for their on-premise AD identities across multiple sites.

Our client operates at several locations across France, with over 2,000 employees nationwide. While most employees are on-site, many are frequently mobile and work remotely. The IT manager wanted to protect remote access to our client’s networks by applying MFA to RDP connections. He also knew that employees often require access to company resources when they’re on the road or in a place that doesn’t have a reliable internet connection, so the MFA solution needed to stay in place, even for offline access.

We wanted to protect our networks 24/7. And an MFA solution that worked without an internet connection was a key requirement.

IT Manager

The Solution An Easy-to-Install, Easy-to-Use Solution that Scales Across Many Admin and User Groups

Most MFA solutions needed an internet connection to work, or required changes to the existing AD infrastructure. Our client’s IT manager and his team quickly found UserLock as one of the few solutions that fit their requirements. They liked that UserLock MFA doesn’t need an internet connection to work, and also doesn’t require any changes to their AD schema.

After a short free trial, our client implemented UserLock site-by-site, starting with admin accounts and moving to less-privileged accounts group-by-group.

The support team resolved our questions quickly and helpfully during the trial period. Knowing that support would listen to and work to resolve our issues quickly gave us confidence moving forward.

IT Manager

The Benefits Secure MFA Protection for On-site, Remote and Offline Connections across Multiple Sites

UserLock’s multi-factor authentication provides peace of mind and 24/7 access security to our client’s networks across many sites.

The IT team found UserLock’s MFA setup to be straightforward and simple, and they used the self-enrollment process.

We sent employees an email beforehand with instructions on how to set up MFA. The self-enrollment process was easy.

IT Manager

After testing a few security keys, they opted to use the Google Authenticator app. Each site manager helped their users configure MFA, allowing users to skip configuration for 10 days while they completed onboarding. That way, the help desk had time to respond to questions and get feedback throughout the onboarding process.

Within just a few weeks, our client had all of their admin accounts and most of their privileged accounts configured with MFA.

UserLock was easy for our team to install and configure. And we look forward to beta testing new features as UserLock’s developers continue to add new functionalities to the product.

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