Product retirement notice. IS Decisions announces the product retirement of RemoteExec. Here is how the end of life process and dates has been defined.

RemoteExec history

RemoteExec 5.04

  • Improved: Ability to increase the ping timeout and specify a number of ping attempts before giving up
  • Added: Windows 8.1, Windows server 2012 R2, Windows 10 and Windows server 2016 are supported
  • Improved: If the Remote registry service is disabled on target computers you can ask RemoteExec to automatically enable it for you through the options
  • Fixed: The Interactive system context works again on post Vista versions of Windows

RemoteExec 5.03

  • Fixed:  When the windows temporary folder on target computers was defined (with the %TEMP% environment variable) in another partition than C:\, RemoteExec was copying executable files in the wrong folder leading to the error 0x3.
  • Fixed:  When the destination path of a file operation was on a partition different than C:\, RemoteExec was using a wrong UNC path to transfer/delete the file/folder.
  • Fixed:  When trying to load a computer list from a file in use in another process, RemoteExec was crashing.
  • Fixed:  If the AD contained an OU with a distinguished name with more than 512 characers RemoteExec was crashing during the startup.
  • Fixed:  RemoteExec was crashing when starting on Windows 8

RemoteExec 5.02

  • Fixed:  When an invalid license key was entered a wrong message was displayed
  • Fixed:  If a quote (") was inserted in a popup message or in a reboot message the message was truncated
  • Fixed:  During msi installation arguments were ignored
  • Fixed:  The remote execution of a batch with parentheses in the name failed because the batch path was not quoted by RemoteExec.
  • Added:  Support of the .net 4 framework deployment with the "Update installation" action.
  • Fixed:  In the Update installation action, when only if needed was selected, additional manual filter settings were ignored.
  • Added:  Ability use SMTP authentication and SSL encryption when sending reports by E-mail.
  • Fixed:  If arguments contained the \" sequence (backslash and a quote) the execution failed.

RemoteExec 5.01

  • Fixed:  RemoteExec was crashing on Windows 2000 computers
  • Fixed:  The import of RemoteExec action files of previous versions was crashing (*.rea)
  • Fixed:  If the same computer was added in several manners in the target computer list a database exception may occur.
  • Fixed:  "Save in my..." was not saving an up to date version of the configurations in favorites.
  • Fixed:  Renaming a scheduled task was not updating the command arguments and in consequence the remote job was no longer executed at scheduled times.
  • Fixed:  Renaming successively twice a scheduled task was generating an exception
  • Fixed:  Simultaneous remote execution on a computer may fail
  • Fixed:  Database problem with simultaneous remote executions
  • Fixed:  A multiple action execution starting with a wakeup was generating database exceptions
  • Fixed:  A multiple action execution starting with a wakeup was not inserting the console output in the database
  • Fixed:  An executable UNC path with more than 128 characters was crashing RemoteExec
  • Fixed:  The language filter was not working
  • Fixed:  The configuration of a multiple action saved in a favorite folder or in a scheduled task may not persist after a change.
  • Fixed:  A popup action could not be saved in "My remote actions"

RemoteExec 5.0

  • Fixed:  MAC addresses scanned with the "Retrieve wake up info" system action were added in manually added MAC addresses instead of automatic added MAC addresses.
  • Fixed:  When invoking the context menu on a node that didn't have the focus RemoteExec was applying the action on the wrong node.
  • Added:  Fast fail mode in multiple action mode. If an action fails or return an exit code, no more actions are processed
  • Fixed:  When invoking "Use in a new remote job" on a favorite target computer list and a new remote job was already selected, the computer list was not updated.
  • Fixed:  When the location of favorite folders was changed RemoteExec was still saving remote jobs, remote actions and target computer lists in the default location.
  • Fixed:  If non XML files were located in favorite folders, an exception was generated. Henceforth non XML files are just ignored.
  • Fixed:  Le password of the account running RemoteExec was not saved/loaded for the Full administrative execution context even when "Save password" was selected.

RemoteExec 5 beta 2

  • Added:  The command line mode has been reintroduced. The RemoteExec command is now a console program allowing to follow the remote execution more easily
  • Added:  The command line mode allows to completely define from the command line remote file executions, system actions (shutdown, reboot, logoff, lock, wake up) and popup without using a saved remote action.
  • Improved:  The location of the RemoteExec folder is now added to the search paths allowing to invoke the RemoteExec command from anywhere without specifying the full path.
  • Improved:  Wake up information is automatically scanned for each computer on which a remote execution is started.
  • Added:  Ability to change the location of favorite folders (e.g. to share them on a server).
  • Added:  Ability to add a new computer list directly from "My Target Computers"
  • Fixed:  The job identifier was not saved when scheduling a job from an execution result
  • Updated:  The help in English and a new Getting Started Guide in English and French
  • Added:  Ability to import RemoteExec 4 action files.
  • Added:  Ability to save remote action files and target computer lists on the file system.
  • Added:  The "Get wake up info" operation in the system action in order to retrieve MAC addresses and subnets from target computers

RemoteExec 5.0 beta

  • Added:  New tabbed interface like WinReporter 4 and UserLock 5. New remote executions are launched in a new tab.
  • Added:  Logs are now inserted in a database in order to keep the execution history.
  • Added:  Ability to save remote action configurations in a favorite folder (My Remote Actions) in order to use them again quickly with different target computers.
  • Added:  Ability to save remote job configurations in a favorite folder (My Remote Jobs) in order to execute them again easily. A remote job is a remote action plus the list of all target computers.
  • Added:  A remote job can also be restarted only on computers unavailable in previous execution attempts.
  • Added:  Ability to save predefined lists of target computers (My Target Computers) in order to use them quickly again with new or saved remote actions.
  • Added:  Ability to display pie chart for a job in order to know on how many computers the action has already been successfully executed and on how many computers the action failed to execute.
  • Added:  Ability to display a report with the execution status on all target computers of a job.
  • Added:  A job can be scheduled in order to automate the execution.
  • Added:  Ability to easily recall recently started actions or jobs.
  • Improved:  New RemoteExec execution engine that no longer uses RPC and DCOM. Only ICMP (ping) and Microsoft file and printing sharing are required (more firewall friendly).
  • Added:  The communication is encrypted except for file transfers, remote registry access and redirected console input and output.
For a comprehensive list of all new features please read the following document: What's_new_in_RemoteExec_5.pdf
Important! This new version can be installed side by side with the version 4 of RemoteExec.

RemoteExec 4.05

  • Fixed:  A security vulnerability when a specially crafted .rec file (with lines with more than 1000 characters) was loaded in RemoteExec.
  • Added:  Ability to use the System context when installing msi packages (Domain computers need read access to the share where the msi package is located).
  • Added:  Ability to silently deploy Windows Installer patches (.msp) with the auto mode of the File execution action.
  • Added:  Ability to specify the working folder in the arguments of the executable to remotely execute by using the following variable: %CurrentDirectory%
  • Added:  The deployment of Internet Explorer 8 with the Update installation action.
  • Fixed:  In interactive mode, the executable could not be started if it was copied in the temporary folder in reason of insufficient permissions (Failed to execute: 0x00000005 Access denied).

RemoteExec 4.04

  • Added:  Windows Vista/2008 updates (.msu) are now automatically managed by he update installation action of RemoteExec for a silent installation
  • Added:  The .Net framework 3 and 3.5 are automatically managed by the update installation action of RemoteExec (with the full package).
  • Fixed:  In Windows Vista the reboot notification dialog box was not displayed at the top of all other Windows.
  • Improved:  The console is no longer displayed when RemoteExec is started in command line mode (without the GUI) except if you specify the switch /PROGRESSWINDOW.
  • Fixed:  In command line mode when only one target computer was specified RemoteExec did not return in all cases the exit code of the remote process

RemoteExec 4.03

  • Fixed:  reg files with a space in the name were not correctly registered
  • Fixed:  The Windows Vista user access control is supported
  • Improved:  The use of impersonation accounts when the account running RemoteExec doesn't have administrative rights on the remote computer
  • Fixed:  Some issues with action filters when scheduling tasks
  • Improved:  The remote registry service of remote workstations is automatically started when needed
  • Fixed:  An action sequence with a reboot in it was aborting after the reboot on Windows 2000 computers
  • Fixed:  Internet Explorer 7 updates were not correctly detected

RemoteExec 4.02

  • Fixed:  reg files were not correctly registered in all cases
  • Fixed:  RemoteExec was not working with remote x64 computers in some cases
  • Fixed:  New MDAC/MSXML hot fixes were not correctly detected
  • Added:  Ability to easily deploy Internet Explorer 7 using the predefined action "Hotfix/update installation"
  • Fixed:  Some issues with Windows Vista
  • Fixed:  The shutdown/logoff notification was not moveable

RemoteExec 4.01

  • Fixed:  Bug in the filter when a remote execution was scheduled
  • Fixed:  Error descriptions weren't saved in logs during scheduled remote executions.
  • Fixed:  The wake-on-lan was not 100% compliant with the standard. Some computers did not wake up.
  • Fixed:  In some case the context menu was very slow to display
  • Fixed:  Some handles where not immediately released on executables to deploy.
  • Improved:  The splash screen and the banner are not displayed on 256 colours screens.

RemoteExec 4.0

  • Fixed:  A problem while killing remote processes in multiple action mode
  • Fixed:  When canceling a system action the wait process was not stopped
  • Fixed:  Executing an immediate logoff on Windows NT4/2000 computers without a logged on user was leading to a system shutdown
  • Fixed:  In the french version only. Items in the combo box allowing to wait the end of the execution of a system action were not correctly ordered.

RemoteExec 4.0 beta 2

  • Updated:  The help file was updated and is available online
  • Improved:  Command line mode. Three new switches /EXE /ARGS /FOLDER in order to be able to dynamically change the executable in a script. See the help file.
  • Fixed:  A bug while loading an action file from the current working folder in Command line mode.
  • Updated:  The new license system is ready. If you are already customer you can ask for your new RemoteExec 4 license key ( if your maintenance is up to date.

RemoteExec 4.0 beta

  • Improved:  RemoteExec is able to configure the silent installation switches for more kind of Microsoft updates
  • Added:  The mini scanner can now filter computers on the processor type (x86, x64, ia64) and on the system language
  • Added:  Ability to power off computers
  • Added:  Ability to power on computers using the wake-on-lan technology. RemoteExec can scan MAC addresses & subnets automatically.
  • Improved:  The shutdown/logoff notification: indefinite notification, the user can hide the notification, immediate reboot for workstations without logged on user.
  • Added:  Ability to execute several actions in one pass using the "Multiple actions" mode.
  • Added:  Ability to add many files to execute at a time using the "Multiple actions" mode
  • Improved:  Ability to detect if the remote process returned an error code
  • Improved:  In the "Msi installation" action, ability to detect if a Windows installer package is already installed.
  • Added:  Impersonation accounts in order to authenticate on remote computers using different user accounts.
  • Added:  Ability to display the log contents in a progress window
  • Added:  Ability to restart or schedule from the progress window the action for all unavailable computers.
  • Added:  New predefined action "File operations" allowing deploying or deleting files or folders
  • Added:  New predefined action "Local account maintenance" allowing changing the local administrator password or disabling all other local accounts on all workstations of the network.
  • Added:  New execution context: System, the remote process is started with the localsystem account
  • Added:  New execution context: Interactive system, same as previous but the process can access the user desktop. Allows you to temporary give administrative rigths to a simple user (e.g. setup without silent mode).

RemoteExec 3.08

  • Fixed:  RemoteExec was unable to deploy the hotfix KB885836 (MS04-041) and most newer Mircrosoft hotfixes on WinDows XP SP 2 workstations. The installation was hanging while starting.
Important! If the mentioned problem occurs you need first to reboot all concerned computers with RemoteExec before to be able to use successfully this new version.

RemoteExec 3.07

  • Added:  a document explaining how to configure the Windows XP SP2 firewall to allow remote executions with RemoteExec
  • Added:  Support of the new Internet Explorer cumulative patch naming convention (IE6.0sp1-KB867801-x86-ENU.exe)
  • Added:  Support of the new Windows XP service pack naming convention (WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe)
  • Added:  Ability to search computers in the Global Catalog of the Active Directory

RemoteExec 3.06

  • Added:  Ability to run a scheduled task only on remaining computers each time (unavailable in previous schedules). To do this check check "Execute the task only once on each computer" in the RemoteExec tab of the task properties.
  • Fixed:  If you abort and cancel an execution all computers name are now saved in the logs
  • Added:  Ability to use additionnal arguments for msi intallation. See the msiexec documentation for more information.
  • Added:  2 filter operators on the content of the custom registry value "Contain" and "Doesn't contain"
  • Improved:  Internet Explorer hotfixes are now correctly detected
  • Improved:  New ping subroutine. In some cases RemoteExec was not able to ping remote computers.

RemoteExec 3.05

  • Support of the new Microsoft patch name reference (e.g. WindowsXP-KB823980-x86-ENU.exe)

RemoteExec 3.04

  • Fixed:  When trying to browse for a working folder on Windows 2003 RemoteExec was crashing.
  • Improved:  The computer browser

RemoteExec 3.03

  • New:  Ability to update a msi installation after patching the network image
  • New:  Support of Windows 2003 in the filter
  • Fixed:  Bug when saving an action with the filter. The filter was not saved.

RemoteExec 3.02

  • Added:  You can now deploy the service pack 1 for Windows XP but you need to use the SP1a release.
  • Reminder: The first release of the SP1 cannot be deployed with RemoteExec because in some cases the installation stuck and the remote computer becomes corrupted after a reboot (blue screen).
  • Fixed:  The computer browser bug mentioned in the 3.01 is now really fixed
  • Fixed:  Other bug in the computer browser. In some cases computers were listed under the false domain.
  • Fixed:  Bug in console mode. Symptom: Failed to start 0006 Invalid handle
  • Added:  RemoteExec ping each computer before launching the execution in order to avoid long timeouts on unavailble computers. If needed this feature can be disabled with the following registry value: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ISDecisions\RemoteExec\NoPing = 1 (DWORD)
  • Improved:  When scheduling a task and when the password for the current account is already entered the account information for the schedule is automatically set.
  • Improved:  After the configuration of a schedule RemoteExec ask (and save) the password for the selected user account if the "Full administrative" context is selected in order to avoid that RemoteExec ask the password at the execution.

RemoteExec 3.01

  • Fixed:  The computer browser was not displaying the computers of the local domain in some cases
  • Fixed:  RemoteExec was blocking when launched for the first time with a new account through the task scheduler (in consequence of the License Agreement).