Product retirement notice. IS Decisions announces the product retirement of RemoteExec. Here is how the end of life process and dates has been defined.

RemoteExec benefits

Significantly speed up and reduce the workload for updating your Windows systems

Application deployment and Windows systems updating can be cumbersome and time-consuming tasks, especially on large networks.

Thanks to its agentless, multithreaded technology, RemoteExec allows IT administrators to easily perform executions on thousands of remote systems in minutes.

React instantly in face of emergency situations

IT administrators face urgent situations daily, ranging from zero-day vulnerability that requires applying a patch, to an executive's request for a specific application.

In a couple of clicks, RemoteExec will launch the execution, reboot if necessary and report back to the administrator that it was correctly completed.

Eliminate all disruptive interventions during working hours

Many maintenance or update procedures consume system resources or require reboots that are annoying to users during working hours.

To avoid physical presence, RemoteExec's advanced scheduling features allow IT administrators to plan these procedures at the most convenient moment: after business hours, on weekends, or during holidays.

Get a single point of remote deployment and execution

IT administrators often have to deal with multiple tools to perform installations and remote executions: VBScript, PowerShell, specialized utilities, etc.

RemoteExec provides a single, multipurpose interface for remote deployment and execution, and can be used via the command line or be invoked by a script or any automation tool in order to silently launch required executions on remote computers.

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