More protection against the Insider Threat

IS Decisions releases UserLock 8.5, its user access security software for Windows Server-based networks.

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New version 8.5

UserLock’s layered security levels and real-time monitoring extend the way we verify the user’s identity, to offer more protection against internal security breaches.

The latest version, UserLock 8, brings several additions to the product, notably in helping guide and disseminate good user behavior and enabling admins to better respond to potential insider security events. These include:

More intelligent threat detection

The real time monitoring now incorporates a risk indicator, identifying suspicious network access behaviour at a glance. The new User Status feature evolves according to the user’s actions and their customized authentication controls. It delivers a complete view of an organisation’s network activity and risks, allowing administrators to focus on activity deemed to be of risk or high risk.

Compromised password protection

UserLock 8.5’s real time monitoring allows administrators to act immediately to compromised login credentials, but also alerts users when their login credentials are used (successfully or not) to connect to the network.

Mobile administration

New remote session administration design allows facilitation from any device, so administrators can still respond rapidly on the move using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Secure privileged users

Settings, logs and policy rules can now be secured even for UserLock 8’s privileged users, protecting against bad behaviour by those who have administration rights and answering the need for many major regulatory compliance requirements.

Access control management for temporary changes

UserLock strengthens user access control policy by enabling administrators to set temporary network access controls safely. Secure in the knowledge that no access modifications are left beyond their immediate need, UserLock continues to ensure users have sufficient access rights to fully perform their tasks, but not for more time than is necessary.

The feature updates to UserLock 8.5 help make the job of managing and securing a Windows network easier, as well as help educate users and promote better security behavior. Greater control handed to administrators to monitor and restrict allows them to reduce surface area for potential attack, but things like user alerts remind users of why policies are in place and how they should be behaving on the network.

François Amigorena CEO of IS Decisions