User security is a growing priority with your clients

Your clients may need to stop security breaches that stem from unauthorized network or file access or they may want to be able to respond to breaches in real time. Insider threat, the risk associated with careless, exploited or even malicious employees, is the most common source of security breaches and can be the most severe.


It will help your clients protect and grow their revenues

Not only is user security moving up the priority list for the IT team, it’s now firmly on the agenda of the board. That’s because securing user’s network accesses doesn’t just help protect sensitive data, it generates greater customer trust, particularly in the case of industries where regulatory compliance is required. And helping your clients’ business grow helps yours grow too.


Demand is across all sectors and all clients

User security is no longer a concern in just those regulated industries. Businesses across all sectors are getting hit by security breaches that are sourced at their own employees. So whichever industry sector you specialise in, IS Decisions’ solutions will be relevant to your clients. It’s also irrespective of size – we’re seeing demand from SMBs to big enterprises. Any business with sensitive information on its network that wants visibility of user access has a need for our software.


Our products are reliable, simple, and provide business value

Our solutions are proven to be reliable, we work with some of the world’s largest and most data sensitive organisations, from banks to government agencies.

They are simple to install and to use. UserLock and FileAudit integrate easily with Active Directory, providing levels of security not possible with native Windows, and are user friendly products for both admins and end users.

Furthermore, they provide business value through time and cost savings, encouraging a culture of user security by protecting (and not blaming) potentially exploited users, as well as helping achieve compliance with many regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, PCI and ISO27001.


You get to work with the IS Decisions team

We’re a friendly bunch, but we’ve also got the expertise that comes from working with some of the most security sensitive organisations in the world since 2000. Our multilingual support team is set up to deal with partners across the world, helping you convert prospects into happy customers. We see our partnerships as key to the success of our business, so we’ll provide the highest possible level of service to help you succeed with our solutions.

Get started now

As we’ve mentioned, getting up and running with our products is incredibly simple, and there’s no complicated paperwork to resell our products. If you have a prospect you think might be interested, just get in touch with us and we’ll work with you.

We’re offering a default 10% reseller discount as a starting point on your first sale. Further commission rates will depend on annual sales volume.

And if you want to work a little closer with us – help to promote IS Decisions solutions in your location and to your customers – talk to us about becoming a full partner with personalized commission rates.

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