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How to remotely deploy Office 2007 Service Pack 3 outside of office hours

RemoteExec can easily deploy the Office 2007 Service Pack 3. Please follow this light procedure to update your Office 2007 installation.

Direct deployment

  1. Open RemoteExec and go to Remote Jobs/New Remote Job/Update installation through the Configuration tree.

    RemoteExec configuration tree

  2. In the first section Settings, browse to the Office 2007 Service Pack 3 installation file in the File field.

    RemoteExec will detect automatically the name and the type of this package. We advise you to check the option Don’t reboot. The Office 2007 SP3 installation will require a reboot only if an Office component is in use on the target computers. If the Don’t reboot option is disabled, then RemoteExec will notify the user through a popup inviting him to reboot the computer.

    RemoteExec configuration tree

    1: If you want to force the reboot, you need to create a Multiple actions with first this Update installation and then a Reboot System action. Make sure that the following options are enabled for this reboot: Force applications to close and Reboot only if needed.

  3. Go to the Target Computers section and select the computers on which you want to deploy the Office 2007 Service Pack 3.

  4. You can now start your update by clicking on Launch

  5. The Progress window will open in a new tab to permit you to follow the remote operation process.

Schedule this update

The size of this installation package is 351 Mo for the english version and can be more for some others language version. The time taken for this deployment can fluctuate up to ten minutes (depending on the target computer system and the bandwidth available). And of course hardware resources will be impacted. It can be usefull to schedule this operation with RemoteExec during off business hours and not trouble your users.

  1. Follow the previous steps 1 to 3.

  2. Instead of launching the deployment directly, click in the Quick Access Pane on Schedule button.

  3. Enter a name on the Schedule Wizard for this new task.

  4. Validate the new task name and the Windows scheduler pop-up window will appear. Set the task to Once and choose the Start time settings. Validate by clicking OK. You will be prompted to set an administrative account for this task.

    The RemoteExec Scheduler now displays our new scheduled job.

    As usual, you can also schedule the Results report of this deployment in order to find it in your mailbox the next morning and check immediately if the Office 2007 SP3 deployment was successful.

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