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FileAudit Documentation

FileAudit Frequently Asked Questions

I have installed FileAudit 4 or 5 on the same host than FileAudit 3. How is the data stored into my old database managed ?

If your database was the default Microsoft Access database provided with the FileAudit 3 package, the installation process of FileAudit 4 or 5 imports the data from the old database. You will be able to retrieve your old access events on the new FileAudit 4 or 5 version.
Once the installation is finished, each version will only insert the access events into its own database.

If your database was a Microsoft SQL Express or SQL Server database, you need to manually migrate the old database to the new version 4 or 5 if you want to retrieve old access events:

  • Duplicate/copy your old v3 database to create a new database.
  • Open FileAudit 4 or 5, click on the Settings tile in the Tools area and go into the Database section.
  • Set the SQL Server database you just created using the database connection wizard.

Databse Settings

FileAudit will upgrade automatically your old database to the new version 4 or 5 structure and you will be able to display old access events from v3 and use this database to store the new ones.

Take note: Don’t link directly your old database to the new version: once upgraded, you won’t be able to use this database with your old version 3 any longer. We advise you to create a copy of it and use this copy for the new version 4 or 5.