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28th December 2017

The Most Important Part of Least Privilege Tactics

First, stop the attacker from gaining entry, but if one slips through the net, make sure they can’t get steal anything of value.

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23rd November 2017

Mistake or malice: The nature of insider threats

François Amigorena, CEO and founder of IS Decisions is interviewed on the issue of insider threats.

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17th November 2017

Education IT Security - A webinar with CSI

CSI has been a leading provider of efficient and customized IT services for K-12 schools since 1991. CSI founder Scott Quimby looks at how UserLock is a better way to Improve Active Directory Security and Reporting.

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15th October 2017

Identify the “intrusion kill chain” to stop data breaches in their tracks

Understand how obtaining logins is now so valuable that compromised credentials are used in 75% of data breaches today.

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29th September 2017

How Windows Active Directory Is Failing User Security

Why AD, despite all its benefits, is now the root cause of many logon security issues.

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12th September 2017

Identifying ‘key indicators of compromise’ crucial to data breach detection

Organisations must be aware of who is accessing their network at any given time to defend against modern cybercriminals

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30th August 2017

Logon security headaches

How Windows Active Directory is the root cause of many logon security headaches

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30th August 2017

Monitoring logons the most effective way to detect data breach

A new IS Decisions report on the the key indicators of compromise.

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30th June 2017

Why single sign-on services are now vulnerable

How context-aware security adds layers of protection to single sign-on services

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17th May 2017

Product Review: FileAudit 5.2

FileAudit is reviewed by Microsoft MVP Timothy Warner for 4syosps, an online community for IT professionals.

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24th April 2017

An education in avoiding data breaches in schools, colleges, and universities

How can education institutions across the globe protect the sensitive data they look after and reduce the risk of a hack?

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12th April 2017

Controlling Access to Health Information

Points to consider when determing user access for HIPAA compliance.

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15th March 2017

Product Review: UserLock - Gold Award

UserLock 9.0 is reviewed by Ricky Magalhaes, a cyber-security expert and strategist, for the publication

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13th March 2017

Cybersecurity: Why every member of staff has a role to play

Do businesses need to invest in new, highly-skilled staff to fight against and prepare for these potential hacks, or is there a simpler, better way?

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