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20th December 2016

Complex movie hacking solved with simple security tactics

Spoiler alert: How better access management and file auditing could change hollywood history.

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16th December 2016

Gazing Ahead

Security predictions for 2017 and beyond!

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30th November 2016

How context-aware security could’ve stopped Three’s data breach

Context-aware security uses supplemental information to decide whether access is genuine or not when someone attempts to connect.

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18th November 2016

Three hack

Security experts accuse telco of 'corporate blindness'

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16th November 2016

UX versus User Security

Part two: Reducing security complexity for better employee productivity

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28th October 2016

UX versus User Security

Part one: More than passwords…

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25th October 2016

Review: IS Decisions UserLock - Help Net Security

How UserLock offers Windows server administrators powerful access protection to prevent internal and external threats related to compromised credentials…

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21st October 2016

Multi-factor authentication — it's not as good as you think

François Amigorena argues that multi-factor authentication impedes end users and slows them down in their jobs, and goes into detail about how context-aware security works in the background to secure users…

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20th October 2016

Healthcare regulatory compliance is becoming more important

Here's what you need to do about it…

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26th September 2016

5 Common Mistakes Companies Make with Access Management Software

Are you sure at all times that anybody accessing your systems is exactly who they say they are?…

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21st September 2016

IS Decisions on an alternative to multi-factor authentication

How context-aware security allows your system to take advantage of supplemental information to decide whether access is genuine or not at the exact moment when someone attempts to connect…

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9th September 2016

Multi-Factor IT Authentication Hampers Progress, Say 47% US Companies

IS Decisions survey finds organizations are looking for alternate to multi-factor verification, which they believe takes up time and slows productivity…

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20th July 2016

How to protect against compromised credentials — without affecting employee productivity

François Amigorena explains how cumbersome security wastes time, whereas contextual awareness allows greater security automatically…

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21th June 2016

IS Decisions responds to business fears on compromised logins

Global IT security vendor launches UserLock 9 with latest features to enhance access security without obstructing or impeding end users…

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06th June 2016

Fixing the UK’s Ransomware Problem

3 clear ways to prevent ransomware, and even mitigate it…

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13th May 2016

Users should be at heart of FCA or PCI compliance strategy

IS Decisions research shows financial companies up and down the country are flouting user security requirements left, right and centre — and therefore putting sensitive information at risk…

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07th April 2016

Are healthcare organisations addressing compliance regulation properly?

Today’s cybercriminals place more value on patient healthcare data than on credit card data — and they're mercilessly targeting healthcare organisations…

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04th April 2016

Are legal firms risking confidential information?

Where and how many organizations still have huge gaps in security…

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02nd March 2016

How legal firms are risking confidential information

And why technology is necessary to fill the gaps…

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28th February 2016

Security as a Culture

Why security awareness is crucial in tackling the insider threat and establishing sustainable and extensible security…

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19th February 2016

Insider threat risks – the usual suspects

From our recent report on information access compliance, François Amigorena looks at where the holes typically appear within a firm’s security practice…

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27th January 2016

Gut Feeling

'Readers Lives' features Léopoldine Brand, the Channel Relationship Manager at IS Decisions…

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15th January 2016

Legal firms 'risk compromising data over poor login security'

Firms in the legal sector are at risk of compromising information confidentiality because of poor data practices, according to new research by IS Decisions…

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14th January 2016

One third of UK legal sector risks information with poor cybersecurity

The lack of unique logins, manual logoffs and concurrent logins is putting confidential information in the legal sector at risk…

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06th January 2016

Why password sharing had become a common working practice

Online tools and services need to consider the way they provide multi-user access much more seriously to avoid the need for password sharing…

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