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20 December 2013

Rogue employees on the hunt for confidential information

Network Managers are more aware than ever of the security risk that insider threat pose.…

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29 November 2013

Uservoice success stories

Build it and they will come. How IS Decisions moves beyond social media to create an invested user base…

11 September 2013

File System Auditing. Video Tutorials for FileAudit

A new series of quick how-to video tutorials on FileAudit - the file system auditing software for Windows environment that's both intuitive and easy…

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10 September 2013

How I sold 48,000 software licenses to the FBI: François Amigorena at TEDx

How IS Decisions make and implement innovative solutions for the management and security of a Microsoft Windows Infrastructure…

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01 September 2013

The Analogies Project

Why I joined the Analogies Project…

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13 August 2013

Four Steps to ensure your Windows Network isn't at risk

IT managers today spend a lot of time and effort protecting their Windows and Active Directory networks from external attacks. However, it is insider threats…

19 June 2013

IS Decisions’ UserLock 7 Introduces WiFi Session Control

Learn about the new features of IS Decision's Userlock 7.0…

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14 June 2013

CIAB FEBRABAN offers Financial Institutions a look at UserLock

CIAB FEBRABAN 2013 focuses on the challenges that face the financial sector. Solutions to mitigate risks in network security include UserLock from IS Decisions.…

25 March 2013

TV report from LCI

A focus on how IS Decisions is intent on gsingleing its International presence from its base in the Basque Country…

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28 February 2013

FileAudit 4 Review & Rating

With FileAudit, organizations have an easy yet robust tool for auditing files and folders that reside on Windows systems, run audit reports without the help of IT, and even send alerts about audited events…

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22 February 2013

IS Decisions releases FileAudit 4

IS Decisions released FileAudit 4, its file audit, archiving and reporting tool. It is the only file auditing solution Microsoft-certified for compliance with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012…

22 February 2013

IS Decisions featured on TV.

See how IS Decisions helps organizations from around the world secure their Microsoft Windows and Active Directory Infrastructure…

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29 February 2012

How IS Decisions is winning the hearts & minds of IT Pros, curating content that catches their attention

Back 6 months ago, François Amigorena, CEO of Software Publisher IS Decisions was wondering how to make its business more visible on the Web. He had great products with …

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01 February 2011

Review: IS Decisions FileAudit - TechRepublic

Derek Schauland reviews the RemoteExec 5 utility for performing remote administration tasks…

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01 June 2010

Review: IS Decisions RemoteExec 5 - TechRepublic

Derek Schauland evaluates a file audit application from IS Decisions that helps you track down actions taken on files on volumes running the NTFS file system…

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15 November 2010

Why concurrent logins to a Windows network are a (very) bad idea

Once hackers gain legitimate Windows login credentials, they have unfettered use of them…

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11 March 2010

UserLock rated "excellent" and an "impressive product" from PCMag.

UserLock takes away pain using Group Policy for user account control. Intuitive interface. Easy install…

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