Secure Network Access & Avoid Security Breaches from your Employees

How to avoid security breaches from your employees

So you want to secure network access (and access attempts) across your Windows Server-based Network? You’re absolutely right. Security breaches are often caused by a combination of human error and security inadequacies related to authenticated users access. This post will outline how UserLock can help provide organizations with the automated safeguards and real-time visibility that can stop unauthorised network access, restrict bad user behavior and underpin security awareness training.

User Training is an excellent place to start

Firstly it’s important to remember that whether its biometrics or passwords, no network security measure is beyond bad/careless user behavior. Any network has authorized employees (authenticated users) who have access and rights, carrying out the kind of bad or careless behavior that often leads to security breaches. The greatest security weakness and most common source of security breaches is careless user behavior.

For example, the problem with the password is not the password, it’s more the human use of passwords is flawed.

Passwords are like underwear

We pick simple ones, we forget complex ones, we share them with our colleagues or our boss, or anyone else that appears to have an air of authority. IS Decisions research has shown that as many as 30% of desk-based workers in the US and the UK have shared their work-related password with one or more colleagues.

User Training is therefore an excellent place to start – no matter what technology is used.

No Security Solution should be used in isolation

No security measure is fool-proof and no security solution should be used in isolation.

Logon/passwords are still the primary security method used the world over and like any good security practice, they shouldn’t be used in isolation.

password security policy

Biometrics, like passwords, is another security layer that when coupled with passwords could provide a layered wall of protection. Biometrics however is a costly, disruptive and a large undertaking for any organization to roll out. Organizations will also have to work out what do in the event of any compromises. It’s harder to change your fingerprint once that’s compromised.

Remember also that with two factor authentication, an organizations security will always rely on the weakest factor of the two – which is often user passwords.

Apply Further Security Layers to Employees Network Access

So what can an organization do now?

The answer is to deploy stronger network logon security that applies further security layers.

Windows network access security can be enhanced today with UserLock, a proven and unique technology solution, that helps secure and manage all employees access, applying further restrictions (layered security layers) on what users can do once authenticated.

These automated safeguards help stop bad user behavior, whether the intent is either malicious or careless. What’s more, user alerts and notifications alongside the fine grained access restrictions can help underpin an organization’s security policy and disseminate good user behavior across all employees.

secure users network access with further security layers

Monitor, Detect & Respond to Access Risk

With restrictions set, real-time access monitoring allows administrators to act immediately to suspicious network access behavior at a glance.

With UserLock, each employees access status evolves according to their actions and their customized authentication controls. The UserLock console delivers a complete view of an organisation’s network activity and risks, allowing administrators to focus on activity deemed to be of risk or high risk. For example, acting immediately to any compromised login credentials.

monitor, detect & respond to user network access

A Free Fully Functional 30 Day UserLock Trial

UserLock’s layered security layers and real-time monitoring extend the way an organization can verify the user’s identify, to offer more protection against security breaches that stem from your employees.

Used by many security conscious organizations across the world, UserLock is Microsoft Certified for Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Server.

Installed in minutes on any standard Windows Server, Download now the fully functional Free trial and see for yourself how easily UserLock can bring enhanced security to your Windows Network.

trust and confidence in userlock


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Chris Bunn is the Directeur Général Adjoint of IS Decisions, a global cybersecurity software company, specializing in access management and multi-factor authentication for Microsoft Active Directory environments and the cloud.