Make data security even easier with FileAudit 6.5, now in beta


Calling all beta testers! Download FileAudit 6.5 today for a better way to spot issues faster, improve security, and stay compliant.

FileAudit simplifies Windows file monitoring and auditing across files and folders on Windows servers and in the cloud. With this latest beta release, FileAudit 6.5 helps IT teams get even more visibility and complete reporting faster.

What’s new in FileAudit

When clients told us there were ways FileAudit could free up even more of the IT team’s time, we listened.

With the beta release of FileAudit 6.5, now you can:

  • Quickly spot potential issues with the new FileAudit alert history reports on all single and mass alerts.
  • Ensure audit compliance by regularly verifying that your audit configuration is running as intended.
  • Keep FileAudit alert emails running smoothly with OAuth2 instead of SMTP authentication.
  • Save time and access FileAudit reports faster, since they now use less service memory and have no impact on your GUI.

If you’re a managed services provider (MSP), you can also:

  • Solve MSP license key issues more quickly when a web communication problem occurs while accessing and/or setting up a new MSP license key, thanks to a more detailed error message.

Let’s go into each update in detail below.

New: Full alert history reporting

When clients mentioned they were scrolling through emails to find past FileAudit alerts, we knew there was an opportunity there. After all, easy visibility on all single and mass alert history gives IT teams actionable information.

So, we created a full alert history report on all single and mass alert history. Gone are the days of scrolling through your emails. Powerful filters allow you to cut the noise and zoom in on the information you need, giving you more clear visibility.

With better visibility, you also get better insights into potential issues across your Windows files and folders and cloud storage.

Now, IT can quickly spot potential issues, such as:

  • Which users set off repeated alerts or regularly attempt access outside of normal working hours.
  • Where more end-user training or communication can reduce future alerts.

New: Audit reconfiguration checks

If you already use FileAudit (or are looking for a data protection or SIEM solution), compliance requirements are likely at least part of the reason you sought out a solution.

We’re always looking for ways to reduce the manual work involved in maintaining compliance. We know it can be frustrating for IT when an audit configuration gets modified or overwritten by a GPO, and the audit path has to be manually reconfigured.

To solve this issue, FileAudit now allows you to set a fixed time outside of working hours to check if the Object Access Policy is well-configured for FileAudit using the CheckObject Access Audit method. This check can detect when an audit configuration has been modified or overwritten by a GPO,and bring files back into the audit path as intended.

Now, scheduled, automatic audit reconfiguration checks help you ensure compliance with less manual, tedious labor.

New: OAuth2 authentication for FileAudit alerts

If you use a Google or Microsoft mailbox for FileAudit access event alerts, you can now opt to use the more modern OAuth2 email authentication protocol.

Improved: FileAudit report load times

We get it – your IT team is busy. The faster you can complete tedious tasks, the more time you have for more strategic work.

This update is a small one, but helps shave minutes off time spent reporting. FileAudit access history reports and NTFS permissions reports now load faster, use less service memory, and have no impact on GUI.

For MSPs: Improved communication error message

The latest FileAudit update also includes an improvement for managed service providers (MSPs). If you’re an MSP administering UserLock licenses,you can now solve web communication problems faster. If you receive an error message while accessing and/or setting up a new MSP license key in the MSP console, you’ll notice that the error message is more detailed. So you can quickly solve the problem, instead of go hunting for more information.

Ready to start testing?

Give your team an easier way to spot issues, improve security, and stay compliant. Join our beta testers, download FileAudit 6.5 today.

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